Just need some responses

I was wondering if any one has read the book The New Bible Cure for Diabetes  by Don Colbert, MD. Yes it does say "CURE" in the title. I hate when people use that word with Diabetes it feels so much like a marketing tool. I do not want to give my opinion of the book until I read  what other T1D have to say.. I think I might be to sensitive to this issue and my husband has been playing devils advocate with me but I need to know if anyone has read it and if so what is there opinion.

Have not read it, but the title sounds like type 2.  There are so many lifestyle books out there that market a diet and exercise "cure" for type 2.  Did it talk about a type 1 cure? 

yes it did..the book to me was not written with any type of responsiblty of the author to give correct information