Just need to brag a bit : )

so i went to the endo. today and my a1c is 5.7 : )

i'm so happy : )

that is great!!! I go tomorrow, so I hope to get good news :)

I go tomorrow too! But I've been undiagnosed for over a month, so my number will be sky-high, I'm sure.

Well no worries, I stay super super stressed with school so.. my will probably be high because of that haha!.

It's ok :)

Yea, for you Bri, way to go!!!!

amazing! how did you do it?

Wow, congrats Bri, very good job!

My best A1c was 5.8 back in January. My last 2 were 6.3, I see my endo next week, but I'm perfectly happy with a 6-6.5 range :)

OMG! you are so lucky! i wish mine was that low! good job!

That's great!!  Keep healthy!!


thanks guys!/girls!/peoples! : )

and gina- i have no idea how i did it : )