Just need to vent

I have been 15 for about 4 weeks. My mom and dad still think I am a little kid. I kown how to


manage my diabetes. But they still think I am a little kids like I was back when I was dx with diabetes. I dont see why they can't just say "ok jaimie since u are now 15 u can say when u have a snack or not." I should be the one to do that, but that still think I am a little 5 year old that needs help on how to manage my diabetes. I just think that I should take care of my diabetes and say if I can have a snack or if I can not have a snack.

That for letting me vent. I just need to say that and I kown that one place I should come is here.

I know it's rough!!! As a parent I can say, just try to remember that you'll always be their little girl. And want nothing but the best for you. Here is my suggestion. When things have calmed down, ask them to talk. Tell them you know they love you very much, but you would like them to try and start letting you take care of yourself. And the reason is,  you're going to be living on your own soon and it's better to learn with them around than without them!!! Hope this helps. Also remind them that you'll be feeding yourself pretty soon and they have done a good job!!! Vent anytime you like!!!

Thanks Keith, I kown I will be the little girl and I am the baby of the family....I will let u kown after I talk to them

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Thanks Keith, I kown I will be the little girl and I am the baby of the family....I will let u kown after I talk to them


Please do. And Good Luck!!!!


being 26, the 'baby', and diabetic i can tell you they will never get over it. in their eyes, you are still the little 5 year old. it doesn't get better with age :o) you have to learn to take control, while still playing the part.

They're doing it because they love you.  Humor them and go along.  They might know more than you think.

Thanks C for them I will always be the little 3 1/2 years old.

And Keith I think that I am going to write a letter to my mom and tell her how I think I should able to manage my diabetes.

As a parent I have to go along with what Keith said. I do however remember me at 15 and my parents blah no fun lol. I am not diabetic or have anything going on other than being a teen oi. I will have to remember this with Riley.

Sorry to hear.  My folks always let me be very self-directive because they could tell it was in my nature to be that way.  They know all the basics of T1, but they don't advise me on how to take care of my diabetes - they know I'm always on top of it and do research on my own accord all the time, in addition to my frequent endo appointments.  Hopefully your folks will understand soon that you are capable of making these kinds of decisions at your age and that you are willing to take responsibility for them.

They do let me do most of my diabetes stuff by my stuff but they dont get that at 15 I am really to take care of myself and that I can chosie wether i can or cant have a snack and when I can have lunch.

Let me preface this by saying that I used to get into a lot of trouble as a young teen until I learned that that rebellion was most effective when it resulted in my parents seeing I was actually right!  My mom was pretty controlling and made decisions for me for longer than she should have... and I could never seem to get permission to make my own choices.  I discovered that my best bet was to make the right choices on my own to prove I was responsible enough for a little more freedom

You might try a little "responsible rebellion" in the same way.  When you're ready for a snack, do all the right things and have one.  Check blood sugar, pick something reasonably healthy, measure if you need to, bolus, and eat.  But this will only work if you do it right!  If your blood sugar spikes or drops, you're not going to be gaining much of your parents' confidence!  And if they confront you about an "unauthorized" snack, you need to be able to confidently (but politely) say, "I did this, this, and this.  Did I leave anything out?  Did I make a mistake?  Is there something you want me to do differently the next time I fix myself a snack?"

Thanks Elizabeth, I changed the way I did thing a lot diffent back when I was 13 going on 14. I did change things after my aunt cout me, I was having lunch and she asked what I was and I said 146 and I said that I was 146 for brefast. (this was after the 4th of july last year) She told me to get my checker and I did she look at it and I was over 400 on the 4th and in about the 500 the day after. So there was one day that I was sick and want to the hoptal, I was there intell after midnight....when we got back to my aunt house we wached a moive and than the next day want to town to get the thing the docter wanted me to take....Than we stoped by my great aunt's house. And they found out about me going to the hoptal and everything....I stayed the next day at my gret aunt's house when my aunt worked....and than that day I forgot my checker at my aunt's house....both of them were not really happy about that...But I think I will try that Elizabeth

This is what my mom has to say about it

oh really...well we shall see about that. you might think your a big girl, but you don't make the best choices for snacks and lunch.

Hi Jaimie,

It sounds like your parents are just concerned for your welfare, and as a parent, I can relate. For me it's not just about managing Sarah's diabetes today, but about helping her to learn healthy eating habits so that someday when she's all grown she can manage it on her own. I know with Sarah she likes to pick out her own snacks, and she gets stuck on the same snack then tires of it pretty quickly. Lately she's been wanting more carby snacks, where in the beginning she was happy with the 15 gram snacks. As a parent I am trying to balance allowing her to make her own food choices with encouraging her to eat nutritiously.

Do you keep a food and blood sugar log? Maybe you could strike a deal with the parental units. You agree to write down all of your snack choices for a week and at the end of the week discuss your choices with your parents along with your bg readings for the week. If you're making good choices and your bg is within your normal range, then maybe they will let you begin making more of your own decisions.

Maybe you could share with us some of your snack choices, I bet a lot of the diabetics and parents on juvenation have great ideas for snacks. Here are some of Sarah's favorites:

Graham crackers with peanut butter

Multi-grain rice cake with cream cheese


String cheese / cheese slices

Sliced cucumber

Lunch meat / salami

Celery with peanut butter


[quote user="Jaimie Rose Chaffin"]

oh really...well we shall see about that. you might think your a big girl, but you don't make the best choices for snacks and lunch.


That's so frustrating, Jaimie.  I can see some of both sides, though:

A) You have to be given the opportunity to make choices if you're ever going to develop the ability to make good ones.

B) Your mom has seen you make bad choices, and is worried you'll keep making them until you've hurt yourself.

I still think letting her see you make good choices is the best way to go.  Another alternative to my "responsible rebellion" idea would be to bring her in on it.  Maybe she can let you pick the snack as long as she gets to see it before you eat it (this way, she won't be afraid you're going to choose half a bag of candy corns or something).  Tell her benefit is this:  You get to start practicing making your own food choices, but she still ultimately has control because she has "veto" power.

Your mom wants what's best for you, but that should inlude letting you practice adult choices while you still have the safety net of living at home with your parents.  I wasn't diabetic yet, but I gained 50 pounds at college because, while I was used to eating healthy foods at home, I didn't really know how to think about food, choose them, and balance them in a meal.  People learn not only by watching and listening, but also by doing.

Thanks Elizabeth and Michelle

Michelle, I just sent my mom a e-mail about makeing the deal and everything...I will share my snack choices idea with u guys once my mom will let me make a choices about my snack

Elizabeth, I kown what u are saying...when I want to my endo appt I was told I waight 159...And that was before I started to change how I eat and how much I eat.

some other snack ideas....


ritz crackers and cottege cheese

sweet freedom fudge bars (7 carbs! 90 calories! I kid you not!)

apple and peanut butter (or low-sugar carmal dip)

 lower sugar maple brown sugar oatmeal (metabilizes like a dream! I never spike on this stuff.)

bran muffins