Just Say Hello 2!

Ha ha. 

I was amazed by the response of welcoming to that first post "Just Say Hello" - (even though it ended up being an ad of some sort - with horrible grammer at that - gasp)....so I have been reading the boards for the last couple of weeks (almost wrote coupala - but didn't want to offend any spelling junkies) and thought I would introduce myself.  My name is Shannon, but go by Shanno.  I was diagnosed August of '08 and went on the Ping on March 17 2010. 

So, "Hi everyone". :)



Welcome to Juvenation!!! Hey I was dx'ed aug./08 also!!!

welcome to juvenation! :o)

Hi Shanno!  I'm also new to juvenation!  I was dx Mar 89.

Welcome Shanno and Kecia !!!

Welcome Ladies!!

hi shanno im new to juvenation 2 i was diagnosed  november 9th 2009