Just Started Track!

I just started track and I hurt like crazy!!! My coaches are the worst with the running. But I know they are trying to get all of us in shape. Does anyone know when it might go away?

You're getting used to heavy physical exertion. It'll only go away as you get used to it, really. It depends on the person for when that time comes.

I'm not one for regular heavy exertion myself, but I know that part of the solution is making sure you drink lots of solute-containing beverages, which is a unique issue for a diabetic. What are you currently drinking at track?

- Water is a bad choice. Screws up your solute balance and bursts red blood cells, which can result in you getting dizzy or your muscles burning.

- Gatorade is a fantastic choice, but it's stuffed full of sugar. XD

Anyone have diabetic friendly sports drinks they might recommend, or other ways to get used to the 'burn' of track?

Oh my God I know exactly what you mean!!!! 3 days so far and I'm so sore I could cry!!!! Unforutnately I'm also having troubles with high blood sugars and it's making me exausted!!!! LOL Well Time to go!!!!


Good luck with track!!!!!!!! XD

I would say something like SmartWater check it out at their website. Just click on the water bottle on the right when you get to the page after it loads. It had electrolytes which are hydrators, just like gatorade, without all the sugar. Just distilled water and electrolytes. I love this water..