Just started

yesterday i went on the cgm on the minimed pump. any helpful advice or suggestions?

i have been on the sensor since this past christmas and i have enjoyed it alot. sometimes it gets anoying to have two sites in your stomach all the time but it is definatetly worth it.

when i first started i had a hard time calibrating the sensor because i only calibrated when it beeped at me. but you should calibrate evertime your bs is stable so that the sensor becomes more accurate. i wear my sensor for 6 days eventhough they say to wear it for 3 days. what you do is keep the sensor in for 3 days thenĀ  it will beep and tell you "sensor end". then you go to the pump menu and go to the sensor screen and select senor start- new sensor. in a few minutes it will ask for you to calibrate

if you need to calibrate and the sesor is really off (ex- BS is 100 CGM is 200) then only calibrate 50 points at a time. if you calibrate to 100 it will say "Cal Error" so calibrate to 150 then to 100. and don't be afraid to call the minimed number on the back of your pump because the people are really helpful.

Good Luck!

A few things with the sensor, as emily stated calibrate when things are stable. I feel if you can still test pre-meal it keeps things balanced longer. However, now you do not need to worry as much. The sensor can be off by as much as 20 points in either direction, but that doesn't happen to me all that often. Not that it does not happen. It takes time to adjust to certain things so do not be discouraged. Also, make sure the sensor is always taped down securely and such, it truly makes a difference in the long run and makes it last longer. When calibrating, make sure if your last calibration was at 6:00 PM you do it again before you sleep, else especially during the summer you will start getting woken up with the Meter BG flashing at you.