Just thaought i would pases the the word around to people but its about at&t the phone company

To those of you who have at&t take a close look at what they are charging you on your bill. I was charged on my account $15 for coolsavings.com. Somehow at&t is letting third parties charge things on your account with no warnings or authorizt...ion. There has been others that have been charged even more. So those of you who work hard for your money and would like to keep it... check your phone bill and pass this on I had 3 for the month of august
1-usprizedraw.com-employee notification 14.95 a month
2-247mp3s.com-unitedtel llc-14.95 a month
3-orbit telecom vmail-orbit telecom 14.95 a month
you have to call each phone number on the telephone bill & tell them they had charged you UNAUTHURIZED CHARGES to your phone bill & get a credit & a confirmation number...... Read Morethen call your telephone company & tell them what has happened & they will take the charges off & watch for the credit. Hope this saves someone from paying extra on there bill that they wern't aware of...Get the word out to friends & family & neighbors its happening to everyone not just internet users.
I was told by the one company not to contact my phone company ...& one of them said i sighed up for tele service to stay in contact with my family in case of an emergency...& theses bogus charges were made when i was out of town for the weekend...people will try anything to separate you from your money & hope you don't notice...Their going to make millions & some people won't even know they were scammed so PLEASE get the word out...