Just tired

Lately, I’ve been trying to ignore my diabetes because I feel like I’m alone. I would give anything to be normal again. I see how kids at school are, and they don’t have to worry about the constant checking, the shots, and I want to be able to be like that again! Do any of you know how I can take care of my diabetes, but still understand that I can still be normal?

Hi Sidekick, How long have you had diabetes? If you are fairly new to the routine, it is very hard to accept the fact that this is your new life. Do you have a JDRF Chapter near you? They can help you get to know other people your age who are dealing with the same issues. You just need companionship and understanding. I get sick of it too and it’s been over 49 years. Good luck.

Hi Sidekick,

You seem to be in the very same boat that I am in. But here’s the good news- this isn’t a boat- its a cruiseliner! :wink: Every single diabetic I have met will and does struggle with this. It’s part of the disease. I don’t know how long you have had Type One, but for me- It has been just 2 years! I find myself discouraged, overwhelmed, and overcome by this disease- but how do you and I get past that?

First of all, recognize that you can be, do, and become anything you want! (except an astronaut) I am currently attending college to get my BSN, or to become a nurse. Many have suggested I try for something easier and less taxing. However, this is “my dream” and I know I can achieve it like anyone else! If you have a dream, don’t let diabetes get in the way! You’ve got this!

Secondly, I would suggest you read this post I just did a few weeks back. (link) It explains how though we would love others to understand what T1D is like- they just won’t. People can’t experience the pain we experience because they aren’t on our cruiseliner. In a way- this is very difficult. The best thing you can do is to get connected with other T1Ds (like you are doing), and check out some awesome events with other Type Ones! (JDRF Chapter)

And lastly, HANG in there! I can promise you it will get better in time. Like our blood sugars, T1D has it’s highs and it’s lows. Even I still struggle with learning how to cope. If you have any questions feel free to contact me! :slight_smile:

Good Luck and Hope this Helps!

I’m tired too. I NEVER ignore it though, how could I? I’ve had this for 37 years. I have decent control though not great. I don’t have a CGM or pump because I want to do less to get control, not more in regards to time, energy, brain cyles, finger pokes, stuff attached to me, not to mention money.

I feel like I’m on auto pilot now. I test before I eat and adjust accordingly. I try to eat and dose appropriately, but something that’s not even enough. Often what works for a while quits working.

I won’t give up, but yes, I am tired of T1, but it is life for me.


How are you feeling? Being depressed is tough and I suffer many days with wanting to NOT have to deal with T1, doctors, etc. I have been T1 for 43 years - shooting for 50!

It can all be overwhelming and some days I just chill. My wife understands and gives me room to be gloomy at times.

Believe me, I do see a mental counselor – the longer I stay in my head that little squirrel just spins my mental thought into stress!

Send an update!


Sidekick, I totally understand where you’re coming from. Being a diabetic for eleven years has certainly made it difficult, and at times I feel being dead is better than having to deal with diabetes. But here’s the trick:

We are stronger than all those other kids at our schools. We have dealt with something they haven’t. Diabetes is becoming more and more common, yet it doesn’t seem like it, does it? With these many people on typeonenation with diabetes, how come I’m the only one at my school with it? To me, having diabetes means I am faced with a battle the kids at my school don’t understand.

There have been times I quit checking my sugar, and rely on my insulin pump to keep my alive. It’s a bad habit, I know, but I get so sick of having to take care of myself when most days I would rather give up.

I can give you more advice, or talk to you if you want. This was just a little side note. Message me sometime if you decide you want to talk :slight_smile:

Hey Sidekick,

Don’t worry, i feel the same way at times, sometimes there are days where i just feel so alone, going through this everyday. I have had type 1 diabetes for 10 years now and everyday is a challenge. Especially in school, I look around and I see people eating without a care in the world. It can be difficult, but your not alone. Just keep being positive. A cure is coming, maybe not tomorrow or in a week, but hopefully soon.

I just always wish we could have a 1 week vacation each year from T1. You do get tired of the routine BUT its NEVER routine. One week it’s highs, next lows, next highs and lows… If you have a pump it makes it easier but you’ll find all new frustrations. Low reservoir warning always goes off when you’re dead tired and just want to go to bed. Always have a box of AAA batteries. My battery went out at night and I had to steal one from my TV remote.
Dear Sidekick, It totally sucks but we have to play the cards that are dealt to us. T1’s didn’t do this to themselves…we’re just lucky to be the small minority of Diabetics. Self inflicted diabetes (T2) seems to get all the press. Just look at how many commercials there are for it. You’ll have good days and bad, we’ll never be like the normies. So rub some dirt on it and keep going. We are “The Few,The Frustrated, The T1’s”