Just to bring smiles and hope to all my other type 1 ladies

I'm only 23 weeks so I still have quite a while to go, but I thought I would share some fantastic news! First we are having a little girl :) And second my A1C is 5.7! I never had the best track record when I was younger and didn't take care of myself. Before I became pregnant my A1C was 7.2 (while good in most cases, but Drs want better). When I was a teenager (and sexually active) I had a nurse once tell me I was going to die if I ever became pregnant. Of course that scared everything out of me and I had already accepted I possibly would never have children. When I met my husband I realized I really wanted a family. I wear a minimed pump and cgm, I highly recommend it to anyone pregnant or not. During the beginning of my pregnany I was having crazy high fasting numbers, then when I had lows I would rebound too fast. Thanks to amazing team of doctors, my husband, and my want to do better I got the report at my last appointment that everything is perfect so far. All her organs, fingers, toes, her lips, eyes, heart, everything including the perfect balance of fluids are wonderful. We are so excited! And I just wanted to let you all know that everyone has opinions, but they're not always ones we have to believe (even nurses). Also don't believe Steel Magnolias or let your husband watch it! For some crazy reason it was on my mom's DVR when we went to visit so we watched it (which I had seen before so should've known better) and not even a week later I took my pregnancy test. So my husband asked me if he was going to have to give me a kidney right after I told him lol. Also EVERYONE and their mother has "advice" and "comments", all I can say is smile and nod. Do not take any of it to heart because everyone will say stuff like "are you supposed to be eating that?" "Oh I feel so sorry for you" "It must be so hard, I wouldn't be able to do it", umm people I have never been so in love with someone that I have never met before, of course I can do this, I will do this for her! But anyways my Dr said I was doing so good that I will most likely be able to wear my pump and cgm during delivery, but it all depends on my last trimester. I can't wait for her grand appearance!


You are doing a great job with your diabetes.  Your daughter is going to be a health, beautiful baby and your pregnancy won't cause kidney complications.  I had similar pre-preg and pregnancy A1c with no complications.  My son is healthy and in kindergarten now.

If your husband is like mine, he'll stress about complications (extremely unlikely since your A1c is in a non-diabetic range) and chances of your daughter being diabetic.  When I was pregnant I found this info from the American Diabetes Association so helpful.

"In general, if you are a man with type 1 diabetes, the odds of your child getting diabetes are 1 in 17. If you are a woman with type 1 diabetes and your child was born before you were 25, your child's risk is 1 in 25; if your child was born after you turned 25, your child's risk is 1 in 100.

Your child's risk is doubled if you developed diabetes before age 11. If both you and your partner have type 1 diabetes, the risk is between 1 in 10 and 1 in 4."   www.diabetes.org/.../genetics-of-diabetes.html

For example, I was age 32 when my son was born (giving him a 1% chance of developing D) but because I was diagnosed younger than age 11, the likelihood is doubled (giving him a 2% chance of developing D).  It was so reassuring to me to know that it is extremely unlikely that it will be passed on.  While it's totally possible for him to be one of the unlucky 2%, the chances are so much less than I would have expected.  

Your giving me hope!!  We started trying to get pregnant in the begining of the month during my ovulation and yadda yadda, with probable no success (I am suppose to get my period friday, and I am pretty sure everything I am expierencing is my normal PMS hormones...booo) but anyways my doctor 2 weeks ago told me my a1c was 7.1 and she of course wanted lower, I am on mini med, i had CGM but had a ton of issues, so she is switching me to dexcom with my minimed, and stated I should wait to try anymore- but I am pretty impatient and have practically wanted nothing more in the last few years then this...so we will see how that goes...awesome work!

Cassie...go for it.  My A1C was 7.2 when I got pregnant and then after a few months it went down to 6.0 my baby is healthy and she didn't even have any low bloodsugars in the hospital.

Cassie, my A1C was about 7.0 before becoming pregnant. I brought it down to a low of 5.9 during pregnancy, but in any case, my little girl is perfectly healthy now at 7 weeks. And just like Nicole's baby, her blood sugar never went too low in the hospital, and was born 7.0 lbs. at 39 weeks 5 days so she was not a huge baby like they try to scare us with either. (Ultrasound a few days before said 7 lbs.11 oz. so don't always believe the ultrasound estimate either!) Good luck!

Cassie-  I agree and say go for it! My pregnancy wasn't planned (but def wanted by my husband and I-just surprised us!) and my A1C was at a ridiculous 11 (I know-I'm ashamed lol) but with a controlled diet and very intense mointoring I brought my A1C down to 5.6 during my pregnancy and my son was born a super healthy 7 lbs 1.2 oz, They do try to scare us, but I think sometimes the doctors don't even know what to expect so they tell us the worst.... Just control your diet,keep monitoring andGOOD LUCK!

Cassie, not even non-diabetic women have "perfect pregnancies" all the time. It has been alot of hard work and sometimes I get frustrated, but with my husbands support and a great team of high risk doctors I couldn't be happier with my pregnancy. And say you have random highs or lows, you cannot get upset because that just comes with the territory of being T1. My pump and sensor has made a worlds difference during pregnancy. Plus having a few random 50s or maybe even 200s are not going to hurt your baby. As long as you are monitoring your blood sugars closely and I even keep a log of everything I eat along with the blood sugars afterwards so I can see exactly how that food has effected my blood sugars (that way you know exactly how much more or little insulin you should be taking in case you want to eat it again). If you feel it's the right time and you feel as if you have been doing a great job with your numbers (which it sounds like you are) then go for it! Alot of times I feel as if doctors may know everything by the book, but they personally don't know how it really is. I see a high risk perinatal obgyn that specializes in diabetes and a diabetic nurse educator, they tell me how just seeing motivation to do good lets them know if they're going to have a patient with difficulties or not. Good luck hun and keep up your good numbers :)

Oh and Cassie! Go ahead and start taking your prenatals now, best to be taking them before, during, and after pregnancy :)