Just Venting

It's been about 1 1/2 years ago I was dx'ed with type 1 at 52.

 Lately, I've been really down. Every time I go to eat, I check my bs and I have to stab myself(MDI) I spent so much of my life eating what ever I wanted without any thoughts!!!!!!!!! This stuff REALLY, REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks I feel a little better. Still SUCKS!

I know how you feel, I was diagnosed in June of this year...I got to eat anything and everything for almost 16 years of my life,and all of a sudden I have to check my sugar levels and take shots before I can eat anything...it so SUCKS

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I know how you feel, I was diagnosed in June of this year...I got to eat anything and everything for almost 16 years of my life,and all of a sudden I have to check my sugar levels and take shots before I can eat anything...it so SUCKS



yea i feel the same because i was diagnosed in april after over 14 1/2 years of not being diabetic.. it's harder for people who are diagnosed later because you know that there is another way of living that you did for so long

I have had diabetes for 9 years and this still gets me . . . almost every day. It does stink. A LOT

ive had diabetes 10 years. theres times that i "forget" to test my blood cause, i know its stupid, but i dont wanna know what my blood sugar is. i can usually tell when im running high so i try and avoid testing for as long as i can, until i give in anyways. i usually bolus for all the things i eat so thats not a problem.

since ive had it for 10 years, ive gotten used to a rutine of get up, get ready, test, bolus/eat; eat/bolus, yada yada ya. it get tiring. sometimes i dont even try to take care of myself due to the fact that i am sick of having this disease. it gets old... fast!

It definitly sucks! wicked bad!! every day! ive had diabetes for 6 years now but i still remember what it was like to be "normal" and so naive ( i miss those days)- that tends to just make it worse.

Good bitch session! i love juvenation!!

i just got diagnosed about half a year ago. i am 13 and it really sucks to have to test every morning at 4:00. i have to get up early because i have athletics in the morning. my blood sugar runs in the 40s to 100s. i am allways low, and testing durring athletics is a real pain. althoug i don't have much problems after that.

I've had diabetes for more than 11 years and I don't remember life before diabetes at all, but I get so sick of feeling like I'm on a roller coaster EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY.  I put up with the testing and the bolusing and the guessing but I hate always feeling like my blood sugar is dropping or rising.  Diabetes can be so distracting and frustrating because it's nearly impossible to have a decent number without trying and when you aren't in range you feel like various degrees of crap.   

I think it would have been much easier just growing up with diabetes. I went 19 years being able to do whatever I wanted, sucks changing your lifestyle in the middle of the best times in your life.

I totally agree with you!!! I have had it for eleven years and even though I know I should be testing like every hour, it's like I play a game to see how long I can go without testing, or until I feel like I need to, which isn't healthy.  :( I don't know any way to get into the habit of continuously checking, because I get so sick of it.  

It might seem harder to adjust if you were more recently diagnosed, but at least you'll probably have less complications...technology is going to keep getting better with pumps:)

Im sorry Keith I honestly couldnt imagine getting it at 52 I have had it for 23 years and got it when i was 6.. I do not know what it is like to not take a needle or eat whatever i want without feeling that guilt... Sometimes i almost feel like i am looking at myself from the outside im like wow i am the diabetic person they are talking about i cant explain it.. I def feel like i have prob accepted it more but i really do feel for you, i def feel like its a super rough transition for you all.

On the bright side tho, think of all those years you went without wear and tear on your body.. those of us that got it at a young age have more to worry about

That's how I was except I was 21!!! I'll never forget that night! But it does suck, luckily my little brother has been doing it for 6 years now and so the transition wasn't so hard for me, but there are still times when I just wanna go to the kitchen and say screw it let me eat what i want when i want!

But Keith, that's what all of us are for...to remember that we can do it!! :)

Well it seems I have so much to look forward too. LOL If I have to ride this boat, I couldn't be with a better group of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks All

Hey, I totally understand how you feel.  I was diagnosed this past August at 26 years old.  It was quite a shock and such a huge life style change.  There have been so many times that I have been down and upset and just wished I could be normal again.  Luckily for me I have an amazing husband who has really helped me get through some of my really low points.  He is also a type 1 diabetic, he was diagnosed at 9 years old, so he totally understands what I am going through and has been a major support system for me these past couple of months.  I must say that I recently got a pump and I would have to say that it has made life sooo much easier.  I remember the first day I was on it telling my husband that I felt a little bit more normal again because I could just press a few buttons and eat , instead of having to inject myself with a needle every time I wanted to eat.  It has definitely made dealing with this disease much easier for me.

Things I hate most: 

Having to brush my teeth twice because after I test I see that I need more to eat

Waking up drenched in sweat looking for something to eat (it makes for some wild dreams)

Getting the chills after sweating from getting low


One time I woke up standing in front of my closet, it really really freaked me out cause I never EVER sleep walk, but my mom thinks it was just a low...very freaky though, so now I really try to not to get low at night anymore

I couldnt agree more with the whole waking up sweating wanting to eat everything completely dissoriented in the middle of the night thing lol

2 more i hate:

I get bad headaches if im having one of those days where i keep going low

on saturday My blood sugar was 29 i couldnt find my bar i wanted to eat..my bf had no idea i was low untill i started crying (literally) that i needed orange juice - yeah so i hate the overmotional lows i get sometimes also

Yea, the only thing about lows that's kind of OK. It makes what ever I eat to treat (I like that "eat to treat") taste so GOOD!!!!!! Sometimes it's hard to stop.LOL

It's a treat if I'm kind of low... if i'm really low I think my mind is collapsing and I've been poisoned.