Just venting

So frustrated.  I live with Type 1 all the rest of the year just fine.  Yet somehow, during the holidays the well-intentioned, but aggravating behavior escalates.

I've celebrated Christmas with a Adkin's yogurt and some seafood salad before because too many people were utterly terrified that I'd eat something "bad" and would chase me away from the food every time.  That time, I wound up leaving the party to go eat before I went low.

Wish they'd give me a little credit... I manage the rest of the year.  Let me worry about that.

Newest headache came when I made the mistake of mentioning I had started looking into an insulin pump.  A friend immediately says "I know a guy with one of those. You know they can be hacked via bluetooth?"

I'd love to be able to celebrate Christmas like a normal person... or at least being given credit for being a 32 year old woman who lives just fine the rest of the year


Sorry, just venting

Don't be sorry. Venting keeps us healthy. :)

Have you ever seen this "Diabetes Etiquette Card" from the Behavioral Diabetes Institute? (behavioraldiabetesinstitute.org/resources-diabetes-information-publications-etiquettecard.html) I wonder if you could slip it into some stockings this year... heh. It is so frustrating to hear comments like that, even when the person saying it doesn't even realize it's hurtful or annoying. Those things usually come from a place of caring and worry, but with a little nudge, maybe they can be more mindful of how they phrase things.

If you can't get link to work, look on youtube for "My Life as a Pincushion: The Diabetes Police"


I have found that asking people when they became a CDE or a registered dietitian tends to shut them up. If they pursue it, so do I and I ask them why they think they know more than I do. I only get aggressive with some folks that really need it. You need to pick your battles. But don't be afraid to tell people to mind their own business - you know how to eat properly for the insulin that you take.


Thanks Kim, Jennagrant, and Coravh :)

Kim:  That is awesome!!!  I'm ordering some wallet cards.  Won't take care of everyone, but it'll help with some and that's all that counts. :-)

Jennagrant: Thanks for sharing!  That video is so true!  I also run into Freddie the Fearful types too.  (So weird)  It's always so refreshing to hear it from others.  That's why I love this site so much.

Coravh: I'll have to try that next time with a few of the more persistent folks :-)  Especially during the holidays, I try to be too nice, I think