Just wondering

Do you find that people blame you for doing something to cause your diabetes?

In our case it's our 4 year old who has it and I haven't really out right been blamed... but I can tell that strangers often seem like they think he has crappy parents for allowing him to get it. I mostly feel blame from people wondering how we didn't catch it sooner. Like last weekend when someone at church asked "Didn't you smell it on his breath????"  in an accusing way. 

It's kind of like when people think we caused Malachi's Autism as well. We were at a meeting once that we had to take him to when he was around 4. Hubby took him out to get a donut from the table and he was happy... he had been giggling too much so he needed a break... someone made a comment later about how he finally came off his sugar high. As if it was our fault for him acting the way he was beforehand. 

People are really uneducated which leads to judging. I try not to think too badly of them but it's really annoying. 


when i was first diagnosed, yeah, the people in my life didn't know the difference. so they would say, "but you're not overweight or unhealthy." lol. but yeah, i still have to explain to people a lot the difference.

YES. I have heard so many comments about drinking too much soda, eating unhealthy, not exercising enough, being lazy, etc. Even from relatives! It makes me frustrated to have type 1 because so many people confuse it with a lifestyle disease, when it really has nothing to do with your lifestyle. I am and always have been very active. I was diagnosed at 18 yrs old and only weighed 82 lbs. Obviously, I was not obese or even a little overweight. And yet, I still get comments about my diet and exercise. I try to ignore it, although it's hard. I remind myself that before I was diagnosed, I didn't really know much about T1D either.

My little boy who is seven and autistic as well. He was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a few weeks ago.  I already have had a woman glare at me in a restaurant and asked me quite rudely why I had given my son a cookie when he has diabetes.  I just smiled and said that he gets the insulin for it so it was fine.  She then proceeded to tell me that I was a horrible mother for giving him a cookie.  At the same time Matthew was stimming by giggling uncontrollably and jumping up and down.  She said just look at him he is high from sugar.  I then told her that he is Autistic and that it is perfectly normal for him to be jumping up and down like that along with the giggling.  I then told asked her if she would rather see him throwing a tantrum because if I wanted to I could make it happen (which I wouldn't do even if I could but the old lady didn't know that).  She walked off in a huff pretty fast at that.  Stupid people really make me mad.  

Not causing, but at times if I encouter low's or a high. "You did something wrong"

I'm 18 and just got diagnosed in June. I'm at college now and most of my friends here aren't educated enough about diabetes to think for sure that I did something wrong. Things are frustrating in my Culture and Health class though. Obesity often comes up as a topic of discussion, therefore type 2 diabetes does as well. The thing is though, my classmates and teacher only even say "diabetes." They never specify that it is type 2. The kids in the class know that I have type 1 and i have explained to them the difference, but it is frustrating that our culture automatically assumes any type of diabetes to be type 2.

Us Type 1's are a minority for sure. Be careful in college. I had some of my worst low's in the college days.