Just wondering

Does anyone know if back ache has any link to diabetes or whether they are unrelated?

I once had a frozen shoulder that thankfully was fixable through physical therapy. Not just T1’s get them, but they are more common in T1’s. I’m not aware of backaches per se being part of the T1 spectrum. If the pain is so severe that they recommend steroids or cortisone treatment (whether oral or injected), be aware that this will wreak havoc on your BG’s during that treatment, and up to several weeks after treatment ends. I had to literally more than double my insulin intake during that time.

My peripheral neuropathy started in my lower back, they could not find anything so they said it was neuropathic. That was about ten years ago and the neuropathy has spread over most of my body. I hope yours is something they can help you with, good luck:)