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Has anyone else noticed that on Juvenation, we send out and recieve requests to/from people we have never even met? I'm pretty sure most of us would never do that on Facebook or Myspace or some other site. I know that when I get a 'friend request' on Facebook from someone I don't know, I think they're some creep and deny the request. But when I get a request on Juvenation, I immediately accept. And I decide to request people as friends based on interesting posts I've read by them.

I just found this interesting. Has anyone else noticed the same thing?



i did notice this. and 2 days ago my friend was over and our moms and us were talking about talking to people on the internet and how some grownups will pretend to be kids find out where they live and stuff. i think its harder on here because it is hard for someone to pretend they have diabetes and how it feels like.... if that makes any sense

Ehh, it makes sense, Courtenay, but make sure you're being safe on here. Just because it's a type 1 diabetes site doesn't mean we're all who we say we are. Just be smart about it and Juvenation's fine.

i know. i am careful.

What else can I say except that I agree with all the previous posts on this topic!  I would so hate to hear of a story of someone being lured into a false sense of security on this site, that we all find so comforting!  Just thinking about it makes me angry!  (But not enough to make my BG rise!!!  LOL) 

I've notice this too. Random adding seems to happen a lot on MySpace, but I made myself unsearchable on FB (if you type in my name, I won't show up) to avoid the creepies. Instead, I search out my friends and family. The thing I like about Juvenation is that most people have the "been there, done that" attitude which is nice to know someone else understands exactly what you are experiencing. Of course, there is always a way to pretend you are someone else. You have to earn my trust before I give you my real name :o)

Hi to all, I am the oldest of seven(yes seven) children. My youngest sibling will be going into h/s this year. My mom and I always tell my siblings never tell anyone anything that you would not  say with one of us right beside you, and when in doubt ask an adult first. If someone ever makes you feel uncomfortable tell an adult right away, and/or report them to the web site.

[quote user="C"]You have to earn my trust before I give you my real name :o)[/quote]

Totally! Same here...It's a good strategy... Another thing to do is that if you post pictures, be super careful as to what's in the backround, cuz people can find out a lot by what's in the backround, like where you live, your age, ect. that's why my photo's a headshot!


I bet most of us couldn't add people we actually know on Juvenation like we do on Facebook, etc b/c we don't know many T1s. That's the reason we're connecting online.

I tried to get a T1 friend and my Mom to join, but so far, neither of them has shown up!


[quote user="Sarah"]

I bet most of us couldn't add people we actually know on Juvenation like we do on Facebook, etc b/c we don't know many T1s. That's the reason we're connecting online.

I tried to get a T1 friend and my Mom to join, but so far, neither of them has shown up!



I agree. I do have on friend on Juvenation that I actually do know in person. We're friends from diabetes camp. I have quite a few other aquaintances and a couple friends from camp that I've tried to get on here, but none of them have done it.

if it makes you guys feel any better I work hard at trying to keep everyone on juvenation safe from internet predators, or any other kind of malicious behavior

I don't know about everyone else but it seriously does make me feel better, Gina! :)

[quote user="Sarah"]bet most of us couldn't add people we actually know on Juvenation like we do on Facebook, etc b/c we don't know many T1s. That's the reason we're connecting online.[/quote]

You're so right, Sarah. If we only connected to people we knew, what would be the point? And besides, I'd be toast. I've only seen two people from my state, including me. Thanks for pointing this out!

I have never thought about it to be honest.  I approve requests here and on facebook without thinking.  Most of my facebook information is fairly benign although you will get to know me better by reading it.  I barely have any info here and that is solely because I couldn't think of anything really to say.  What I want you to know is what is present, so I don't worry.  I know there are other ways to access my information based solely upon my presence on the internet.

it's probably just the girl in me being overly cautious. i've ran into some creepers on online forums, so i try to give out as little information as possible. of course, if someone really wants to find me they will, but i try not to help them along at all :o)

I am female, but I also have a significant other, a large part-Pitt part Golden Lab dog, seven cats...and I have a facebook and myspace. I add people who randomly request friends. There are things that should never be done online, in my opinion, not if you are 250 pounds and feel invincible.

1. I don't post my true name, but after a long time, I will share that with a few trustworthy and real people (as in, they are connected in a way with some aspect of a secure site). I write about personal issues online, and while I try to be as careful as I can, I value my employment. I also, ironically, value my and other's privacy. So I keep myself anonymous to a certain extent...

2. Never, ever, ever, ever post your telephone numbers, cell, email, address, on any site, no matter how safe it looks or seems. There is never a reason to do this. I am, unfortunately, still uneasy...a long time ago, after I had met someone who had a job in my town online, and connected him to a real address and real place, I gave my information to him. I still regret that, more than I can possibly say. You never feel safe. I see people do this, and I get upset. There is never a good reason to do this.

3. You would be surprised about people you DO know. I found that some people who I kindof knew and saw on a regular basis (and these are adults!) were capable of bullying behavior online. As an adult, I never expected some people to act the way they did once they were posting updates, etc. It was truly amazing how nasty people are when they're typing. These days, the minute I think someone is like that, I don't look twice. I don't do I.M., and I do not deal with people who are prejudiced in any sense of the word. If they gossip or post nasty information, I block them immediately.

Anyway. The one thing that makes me a little uneasy on here is all of these people who just come on and watch, don't register...just read. What are they doing? Who are they?

Hm, this conversation has taken an interesting turn :)

I know I lurk sometimes, as in I'm one of the guests every once in a while. I use that feature just to see what's going on when I don't want to wait for the log in page to load, or to answer a bunch of messages but just to see how Juvenation's going. As far as the other lurkers I haven't a clue what they could be doing (?)


I think it is smart.  When I was single, I was a lot less cautious, but I was a single guy - I think it makes a big difference.  As a married guy with two littles - I am prone to error on the side of paranoia, I'm afraid...



It's smart to be smart online. Just using good caution and common sense pretty much sets you up to basically be OK as far as Internet goes. Mostly :)

Here's an idea for the person who posted this topic. If you are offended by people who you don't know friend requesting you on this site, please put a notice on your profile. I have admired what people have said on this site from time to time and friend requested them because of it, and I am grateful that there were a few people on here who gave me some credit and accepted, and I am also grateful for the people who friend requested me. I can understand the things that you are saying, but I don't consider myself to be a creep for friend requesting someone. I am T1. I am mostly in this alone. I appreciate this site and the people on it who I have gotten to know a bit.

Although...I am not a parent. I am 33 years old. I don't really censor my own writing in the sense that I write about fear, and pain, and uncertainty, which to me are all things that are very difficult to handle even at my age. I don't friend request people who aren't adults, and I don't really know how to handle a younger than 19 person requesting me. I mean no offense to people who are under 19, but I write from my own, adult, experience. I don't want to write about something that would upset someone, you know?

The other aspect of this is that I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, either. I asked Gina about this just a second ago...it is early in the morning (still struggling to rearrange my circadian rhythm for teaching next term)...someone, please tell me that young folks have to ask their parent's permission to request people. I'm not about to accept anyone who is young if this isn't true. I am a college teacher. I understand about boundaries in the classroom. I just don't really know how to handle this situation. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.