Juvenation (MedTronic) Banner Ads Promoting Pump Therapy

I might be a little slow but I just noticed today what to me looked like a new banner ad on all the Juvenation pages.  Look up and you'll see:  "Tired of Shots?  You have options.  Learn how an insulin pump can give you more freedom and better control."  Does that bother any of you Juvenation members who prefer MDI injection therapy?  It might if you knew that this banner ad is the result of a $300,000 "deal" JDRF made with Medtronic which I guess is the cost of some advertising and promotion on YOUR online community... JUVENATION.  Did anybody consult with YOU before inking this deal?

And then there's the seemingly innocent "contest" to win a free CGMS, also "courtesy" of MedTronic.  All you have to do to enter is submit a form with your name, address, telephone, email and other info so you too can "request" to be on MedTronic's mailing list to attend Real Diabetes Control "Get Real" events in your local community.  "Get Real," I assume means "Get a Pump... a MedTronic one."  Clever...and sneaky!

Don't get me wrong, I have been a devoted MedTronic pump user for many years.  I've owned a Model 406, 407 and a Paradigm 722, which I'm presently using.  And I really don't want to be cynical.  Somehow, I feel I must bring up whether or not these types of banners and "slick" corporate advertising is in the best interest of the Juvenation community.

Hi Paul, You are not a little slow. I have never seen the ads myself. I use Firefox and Add Block plus for the very reasons you mentioned above. I do not like advertising forced in my face on the internet. It does bother me that JDRF makes deals with Medtronic and Norvo Nordisk. When I hear of such deals my first reaction is to write the companies and ask them "how does this help us get closer to a cure?". Needless to say I rarely get replies back.

I think you mentioned once in another thread (and you may have just been being playful) that Big Brother is watching. Well you know what? I hope they are. I hope they are watching so they know that we know they are not really focused on a cure, only profits. I don't think this is cynical but rather realistic.


Maybe I am missing something here.But if Medtronic,who is going to be around anyway-gave 300,000 to JDRF--I say BANNERS AWAY,I am trilled they got the money...MDI here,but no it does not bother me.

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Maybe I am missing something here.But if Medtronic,who is going to be around anyway-gave 300,000 to JDRF--I say BANNERS AWAY,I am trilled they got the money...MDI here,but no it does not bother me.


And I guess if you figure that it is WE (yes all of us) who are paying for it in rising health care and health insurance costs, then it's we who are indirectly supporting JDRF and Juvenation.  After all, where did the $300,000 come from?  How much of every dollar you spend on pumps, infusion sets, test strips, etc. ,either directly or through your health insurance company, goes to corporate advertising and promotion?  Perhaps an alternative might be for them to cut down on advertising in order to reduce costs and prices, thereby leaving more money in OUR pockets and letting US make direct contributions to JDRF.  At least that way WE would have more control of the content on JDRF and also get the tax deduction.


Paul,you asked a question--I gave my thoughts as a answer-you do not have to agree.I never meant to upset anyone .

advertisements are simply another way to market an existing product. money comes from everywhere, not just from taxpayer money. there's also profits from selling product (medtronic is much more than just cgms and insulin pumps) and private donations. the great thing about advertisements is that you have the choice to completely ignore them. i noticed them a week or 2 ago. companies are going to have a hard time getting the word out if they aren't allowed to market (advertise) their product. i have no problems with advertisements on juvenation. we aren't paying to be a part of the community, so we really don't get a say in how the advertising should be used. jdrf has the right to make deals with companies who have the potential to improve the quality of life for those afflicted with diabetes. while a cure is what everyone wants, i'm all about a company making my life easier while i'm waiting. advertise away. you can always block them if they bug you.

I have to agree with C.  I think JDRF will be able to spread the word more the more money and resources they have. Now, I'm not trying to upset anyone here, but if you we're the leader of an Organization and someone came along and said here's X amount of dollars would you turn it down? Espically if you were trying to find a cure and get the word out about this disease? Again, not trying to upset anyone just trying to put a different point of view.



Sorry to be slow in responding to this. I have been taking a break from the internet and other things as of late. I noticed the changes with Medtronic right away. I see positives and negatives, I mean the money is a really nice thing and Medtronic has the money to do it. However, the fact that they are sponsoring and have the lead advertising campaign in the Insulin Pump Therapy seems to be a little odd. There needs to be am unbiased sentiment in the pump therapy section and yet now Medtronic has its name all over the place in that section. I am a little distrubed by that. However, I do wonder if the option has been or was made to the other companies that have pumps?

In the end I tend to look at the banner once and ignore it anyway. I would just hope that animas, accuchek, and omnipod companies had the same option to do this.

i agree with everything you say paul.  I would like to point out that the money medtronic gave to jdrf is going to a good cause :P

I liked Juvenation better without the gyrating flash ad assauting me on every page... "Tired of shots?"  Damn straight.  I was tired of shots, so I switched to an insulin pump and have been on and off and on again a pump for at least twenty years.  There were many times when if the ad flashed "Tired of pumping?  Try shots."  I would have welcomed the "greater freedom and control" possible with shots.

I'm tired of shots, I'm tired of pumps too and actually I'm pretty tired with the whole damn Diabetes thing.  And guess what?  There really are no options.  When I was diagnosed with Type 1 almost 40 years ago I remember them telling me... "Don't you worry.  They'll have a cure for this in a few years.  The important thing is that you take good care of yourself so you'll be around for the cure."  Well here I am... still waiting.  It's been much more than a few years and I'm still waiting.  How about "Tired of waiting?" or "Tired of waiting for a cure?"

Gyrating flash ad...an excellent phrase there, I think.

You, Paul, make marvelous points. It is depressing to me. Fall is coming, and I am stuck on some sort of clinical darkness, so my mind isn't being cooperative. I think the ads are very condescending. And my primary mode of existence, more and more, seems to be as a consumer...

Everywhere...you, consumer, consume this, that...

What if glucose tabs suddenly began offering this as their slogan: "HAVE A HAPPY INSULIN REACTION!"

Bleagh. It is our money, mostly. Insurance combines also contribute, I'm sure. I just don't like to consider myself, first and foremost as consumer...