Juvenation Members Around Charlotte, NC? Want to join my JDRF Walk team?

I'm just wondering if there's any members around the Charlotte, NC area that would like to join my team for the 2010 Walk to Cure Diabetes at Carowinds.  I believe that it's on April 17 at Carowinds.  I've put together a team the last two years but it hasn't been that large and I'd love to get some more members.  Let me know!!!!!  Let's raise some $$$$!!!


i live in salisbury nc. i just moved down here from ny. and i would love to join your walk team and im sure my family would too. im not sure if i have school that day or not. but if i dont, i will most defenitaly be there.



That's cool.  I will try to get out more information as it gets closer to the time of the event, and it's on a Saturday so I doubt that you have school.

lol..ya id hope i wouldnt have school..lol. they are making us go ta school on saturday a couple days and taking days from our spring brek because of tha snow lol..i find it funny that they called off school for tha hardley no snow we got lol..thats most deffenitaly tha difference between NY and here. ba that would be great if you could get me tha info id love ta come.