Juvenation T-Shirts Anyone?

Please excuse me if these are already available and I just couldn't find them on the website.  But if they're not, I was thinking that the Juvenation logo is very nice and would be very nice on a T-shirt.  Perhaps the shirt could have a tag line like "Type 1's are the the sweetest people on earth." or perhaps there are some other suggestions.  We could buy and sell them online (for a reasonable price) and give all the proceeds to guess what.  Perhaps we could even find a T-Shirt manufacturer to donate the T-Shirts.


I was actually thinking about that the other day. It would be a good way to raise money and an even better way to spread the word even more about juvenation. I think that it would be a great idea to do.

good idea,I would buy one,

That's a great idea. Maybe include the JDRF sneaker also? Just a suggestion

I love this idea.  I'm always looking at diabetes t shirts to spread the word.  If it also raises money for JDRF, double bonus!

Sign me up!  I want 1  for me and I'm sure my friends and family would LOVE to buy one too!!!

I would buy one!

I would also buy one.

Hey Guys,

This is great!

If we made up tshirts to sell, would you want it just with the logo, with the logo and web address, How much would you be willing to spend 10, 15 20??

I think it should include the web address, although unfortunately the web address doesn't provide any real clues as to what Juvenation is about. We'll just have to be prepared with a good answer for anyone who gets curious. It's not clear to me what is the logo. Am I correct in assuming the logo is what appears in the upper left corner of every web page, including the line "A Type 1 Diabetes community created by JDRF" ?


Something like this to get us started.  But looking for lots of good suggestions.



That's a cool design.

As far as the price I'd say (at the risk of sounding cheap, lol) $10 or $15 at the most. Here's my theory, if I wanted to spend $40 total I would get 4 shirts @ 10 each. If I spent $ 40 I would only be able to buy 2 shirts @ $20 each. You'll likely sell more at a lesser price, especially in our current economic situation. Just my opinion.

I have a collection of bicycle t-shirts that goes back 25 years. Right now I'm wearing "El Tour de Tucson November 17, 1984". Nearly all of my shirts have designs on both front and back. A couple of them also have designs on the sleeves. I suspect that multiple colors tend to increase the cost. I'm not a designer, just a collector. I'd be happy with Paul's initial design.


We can also do something to encourage people to buy more.  Like for instance, we can offer 1 for $20, 2 for $37.50,  3 for $35, and 4 for $40. I believe that the Juvenation membership as a whole will feel even more connected by doing something together to make a real difference.  In order to get all this going, Juvenation would have to set-up an e-commerce page in order to take orders and accept credit cards.  Then you need a fullfillment operation to process and ship the orders out.  It's done all the time, but it has to be set up.

I would also maybe put something like...... A online community site for Type 1 diabetics. That way people would be able to know what our site is about. As for price I think 10-15 dollars would be a good price. This would depend on where we could get the shirts and how much it would cost to them printed on.  This is a great idea.

Since the shirts are for juvenation we can have logo on the front and the website and the slogan on the back A type 1 community created by JDRF www.juvenation.org

Hi Josh,good thought,I have read shirts just standing in line at the grocery store.Those words would explain Juvention .

Great idea! I would buy one at any price up to $40.

I think this is a great idea!

What about having the logo and the name but something catchy and clever for the slogan? or do we have to use the juvenation slogan?

Something comical or (like I said) clever? Make people think about it? something related to T1.

Paul, I like the shirts,what about a mug ?