Juvenation wins Bronze!

Juvenation won third place for Best Patient Community - Non-Brand Controlled  for this year's Dosie Awards. Thank you to all who support us!!

We came in right behind tudiabetes and dlife communities. Congrats to the winners!


well... i was hoping for gold, but i'll take bronze and the recognition. :op  maybe we'll score higher next year :o) way to go for having 3 diabetes sites be the top 3!

Yea that is pretty awesome !!! Shows how strong our online presence is!!

Don't forget, the other two sites are type 1 and 2. Doesn't that make us number 1 for type 1's???? LOL that's is good news!!!


This is true LOLOLOL

Juvenation is a winner no matter how you look at it. what makes it worthy of ANY accolades is its members and their amazing generosity to help and support each other. Congrats all. I'm so proud to be part of this group.

Just a thought!! What % is their type 1's???? Juvenation hit the 10,000 mark if I remember, let's see the others beat that!!!! LOL Were # 1 for #1, Were # 1 for #1. Just my cheer leader impression. May need to check the bs. Both meanings!!! ROFLMAO


You are very enthusiastic I like it LOL We are all winners!

Well said Red! Our power is our people!

High fives all around!



[quote user="Kim"]

High fives all around!



slap hands! slap hands!


I kid, I kid...yay us!

Of all the diabetics in the USA, about 10% are type 1. I agree that juvenation is probably #1 amongst type 1's. Just found this site a few days ago and appreciate that it is dedicated exclusively to T1.

I was getting frustrated with T2s telling me on other sites I was being an a$$ when I would not want feedback on advice from T2s. I'd say "there different" and they'd say "no they aren't"!


Juvenation wins our  hearts too :) We Love You Juvenation- Your The Best !!! Congratulations on your win :)

DLife is much too confusing for me.  I found Juvenation through D-Life but I agree that it is so helpful for me to be able to chat with other t-1's  I don't even check dlife out much anymore.  And that's the truth.......

It's taken a week for everything to sink in about the Dosie Award. I'm mighty proud, but I think I expressed how I feel about it all on my Daddybetes blog post today.Here's what I wrote in the last paragraph:

I feel pride with the accomplishment of public recognition with the Dosie Award. But more importantly, I am awed by the generosity, compassion and love that my new friends on juvenation exhibit daily. I may have started the ball rolling, but it's the members who deserve all the credit. Hats off to the juvenation community.