Juvenation Year Book (8-month-book...)

I thought it'd be fun to, even though it's only been 8 months since Juvenation was started, I believe (I couldn't wait 4 more months lol) post a sort of Juvenation Yearbook, like the ones schools always do.

I've still got to come up with something epic to say to everyone that is adiquate for the greatness I've found here, but feel free to post your "signature" in the mean time :)

Have a good summer!!!  Maybe we can be in nutrition or pump class together in the fall!

AwWWw Alyssa,

You are too sweet!!! For our year anniversary we should put together a year book. We can have ppl send their photos to us and make a most likely to become an endocrinologist, nominate king and queen of diabetes stuff like that haha it would be fun! and put it in PDF format so people can download it ahah omg it would be so much fun we better get started LOL

OMG yes! I would love to help with that if you need it. One thing I was thinking is we could also turn that into T-shirts, print what people write on it in the same style of shirts that have been signed, you know?

And I know my "note" doesn't measure up, but I don't think there are words to justify the greatness of our community.

lets try to get the other shirts printed first LOL

Haha I know... I should stop thinking

ALYSSA... you are so SWEET!!!

xoxox -ally <3

Sounds like a great idea and I have one for you that might help with the year book and with Alyssa's idea for t-shirts.

I know in our high school(when I was there many moon's ago!!!) they had the year on the back with everyone's signuatures and on the front we could have "Juvenation" and underneath we could have one of the saying that Alyssa was going to put onto her T-shirts!!!!!

So that we get the word out about Juvenation and like Gina said to get everyone to send in a pic they would like to use for the PDF format and their signuature and saying and if it comes to it we could throw in say $30 to cover the cost???????

Just a thought????



CJ, In elementary school when i graduated from 6th grade we had a big 87 on the back...Yes I graduated 6th grade in 87! shhh...

Anyway, we all signed our names on a piece of paper in black ink and we can probably do the same thing if everyone scans in their names I can put it inside of a '09 and we can get it screen printed! That would be really cool. Juvenation Class of '09 haha that would be cool!

i'm for it!!

Yeah Gina in elementary school we had the same thing but I didn't want to go back that far, so I'm so happy that you did 1st and I couldn't remember the yr that I left elementary either!!!!

And don't worry I won't tell anyone about the yr you graduated the 6th grade!!! shhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We did the same thing, except it was when I graduated high school.  Yes I went to a lame high school.