Kayaking with my pump

I have been whitewater kayaking with my pump on for a few months now without any problems.  Tonight I went out with a fairly large group, and while we were gearing up to go out on the river, I keep my pump clipped to my board shorts.  I do this so that I will remember to set my temp basal just prior to carrying my gear down to the water (this seems to work well timing wise, and tonight when I got out, my BG was 100, so my body seems to agree with this timeline too).  

Anyway, this woman was getting set up next to me, and she looks over and says, "whoa, that looks pretty high tech - what is it? a cell phone or something? is it waterproof?...." and she just kept shooting questions at me before I had a chance to answer any - it reminded me of the scene in Home Alone when the neighbor kid is asking the airport van people a million questions.  Anyway, I explained that it was an insulin pump, and that it was waterproof, and that was the end of the questioning.  I was actually a little surprised when she didn't proceed with more questions about it - maybe she was taken off guard after being convinced it was some cool toy (which sometimes it is - I mean "normal" people don't get a pancreas with buttons and a cool screen).   

The lady made me laugh a little and it opened up an opportunity for us to talk more, and we ended up paddling together for awhile.  Happy to say I haven't had any issues with my pump or with my diabetes while out on the water.  Any other kayakers out there??

Pumps are definitely a good way to initiate a conversation about diabetes.  I'd worked with a woman for several years (in different depts.) and had no clue she had type 1 until we were at an office birthday party and both whipped out our pumps to start bolusing for cake.

Haven't kayaked in years but I absolutely loved it when I lived in Durango, CO.  Live by a lake now, but my son is young and I don't have a double kayak and don't feel safe taking him out until he's a bit older.  

If you like doing stuff off the beaten path, check out Green Tortoise tours.  It's super cheap travel where you  travel and camp in an old converted bus with a bunch of other random people.  In my younger days I did a couple of their Mexico trips and got to do some amazing ocean kayaking.  You can bring your own boat or they will provide one.  The trips usually depart from CA and attract people from all over the US and a lot of Europeans and Australians looking for cheap travel.  Not only is it cheap, but you get to see more of what a place is really like and meet the locals.


awesome! Thanks for the info, I'll have to check into that