Keeping CGM connected for young children

My son, 6, was just diagnosed with T1D. I am doing my research for a CGM for someone his age. Looks like the Dexcom G6 is the way to go. What I am trying to find out is how would the sensor send data while he is at school or away from an internet connection? What are people using for this? Apple Watch with cellular?

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hello @Wubino7 welcome to Type One Nation.

the only way to get the “Follow” app to work (where you can see his blood sugar) is to have the Dexcom app, on a phone, on his person. The G6 talks to the phone via bluetooth and requires “on-person” distance. if you used a small phone, and it was in a zipper pocket, where he does not need to touch it during school… this would work.

the phone needs cellular data, you cannot rely on Wifi. so you need a cellular data plan and a cellular service with a good signal from inside the school. You can use your cell phone, and see if it has adequate signal strength as you walk around the school. you can schedule this kind of survey with the school.

Apple watch ONLY receives dexcom data from a phone. so even a watch with cellular, will not currently work. (Dexcom is working on a straight-to-watch app but it is not out yet.)

If you hate apple, you can give him a small android phone to run the dexcom app, and you can use another phone to run the “Follow” app. You can see a list of compatible phones here: → CLICK THIS LINK again, HIS phone needs cellular data for YOUR “Follow” app to work.

I am running the Dexcom app on my cell phone (an old iphone 7) and it works great. Dexcom “Follow” is iWatch compatible so you can put HIS blood glucose on your Watch.

The Dexcom receiver app allows multiple followers, for example, other caregivers and the school nurse. Since the phone is a medical device in this instance, there should be zero problem with the school allowing him to have a phone, but I would suggest you write it in to the 504 plan.

I hope this helps.

As @joe already noted, you may need to include possession of a phone in his 504 plan so you will be able to follow him. If you are not familiar with the plans there are discussions on the forum that can get you started; Facebook groups on the subject of the 504s were recently mentioned on the forum as well.
All the best to you and your son. Hopefully you will find the forum to be a valuable resource.

Thank you for the response! This confirms what I thought. We have a couple old iPhones lying around that we can use. Great suggestion on the school walk through. I’ll get on that.

If we’re keeping score:), I’m not opposed to using either Apple or Android(Samsung). My work heavily revolves around the use of both.

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Thank you Dorie. I am familiar with the 504s. We’ll see what we have to do with it so late in the school year.