Keeping insulin cool on trips

What is the best way to keep insulin cool on long road trips? Is there any new product  out there?











meme there is no reason to cool insulin if it is below 80 degrees outside.  When traveling, I just pack my insulin along with my socks.  (I travel for work every single week)

if I think it's going to be really hot, then I will put my bottle in a playmate cooler, the cooler will insulate the insulin from short duration high temperatures that you may encounter on, for example a car trip.  If it is going to be scorching hot I put an ice pack in the playmate cooler. and a sandwich for later.     hope this helps


how hot can your pump get before the insulin is bad? cause i am going to mexico in a month.


I remember Frio packs and some other items mentioned here:

I know it relates more to beach time than to travel time- but the principles are still sound and I think at least some of the information applies...



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how hot can your pump get before the insulin is bad? cause i am going to mexico in a month.


check the label on the insulin box. it'll tell you there.

i usually put it a baggie in the cooler with all the drinks. i tried one of those insulin water pack things from the local diabetic store..but it didn't work well..the insulin got stuck in it, and everytime i needed it i had to go to the medic tent(i was at a music festival) to get tweezers to get it out :S we thought it would be a better solution to the cooler since i was going to be carrying it around with me in the festival and didnt wanna have to go back to the camping area to do a shot..but when i'm on roadtrips or just regular camping or something i put it in the cooler, then i carry it with me if we're going a hike and it's usually fine for a few hours in the heat.

im getting one of those frio things. i have heard good things about them and my mom met someone whoes son has diabetes went to mexico and had a frio thing

I bought a rigid-cased insulin carrier that takes 2 bottles of insulin that is lightly insulated.  If it's going to be with me (in our cami pack or my purse) where I'm going to be physically comfortable (not much over 80 degrees), I don't worry about keeping it cool.  i.e. the cab of our truck for a long trip, we're going to have the AC on, so I just keep the insulin with me in the cab.  If it's going to be anywhere it's likely to be over 80 degrees F (on the boat, in the cargo area of the truck, at the pool), I pop the rigid case into an insulated, soft-sided "lunch box" with a zip-loc baggie of ice, enough to keep it cool for several hours.