Keeping Pod Secure While Swimming

Hey, folks!

William (8) has been pumping with the Pod for about a week and a half now (yay!).  He LOVES it, and it's been a HUGE relief for me.  We're still in "transition" and trying to iron out the bugs, tweeking settings, etc.  But, overall it's been a great transition.

So, today, we lost our first Pod at the pool.  Not just "a little loose, maybe we should check that", but "ejected from his leg, floated for a few seconds on top of the water, then sank to the bottom" kind of lost.  It probably had something to do with the magnificent cannon ball he was performing at the time.

So, question, obviously, can we secure his Pod while he's immersed in water?  Anyone used any type of water-proof sports wrap or other gizmo to keep a Pod in place?  Summer's coming on, which means much more pool time, and Floating Pods in not my idea of a good time.

Any suggestions?



3M makes a transparent dressing that goes by the brand name of Tegaderm. They are one of the best products to survive this type of abuse. They come in many different sizes. If you cant find them locally they ae available online.