Keeping track of schedule

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep track of when it's time to change their infusion site?  I change mine every three days, like most of us, but I often forget what day I'm on.  It occurs regularly that I have to go into my pump history and find the date of the last time I did a "fill cannula".  other than using a calendar, does anyone have any tricks?

BTW, I feel a little silly asking such a trivial question like this one, but I figured I have nothing to lose!

I setup a reacurring 3 day reminder on my Blackberry calendar to remind me the night before i need to change it.  If you have a PDA or cellphone that allows you to setup something like this I recommend it!

I look at the amount of insulin left in my reservoir which is on the home screen. After a few glances you should be able to guess normally the ranges of insulin your pump falls under each day.

whenever i run out of insulin is when i change it :o) usually about every other day.

I know that I use about 100u in 3 days, so when I change my site, I fill the cartridge about half way, and then change it when the insulin is running out. Works well for me, because I also have a really hard time keeping track. 

I'm beginning to think that my original question wasn't so silly after all!  lol  Thanks for the suggestions!

I have to look and see when the last time I primed it was but most of the time when I have a little more or less than 10 units I know that's when I change it. I cut it pretty close sometimes though.

I also know that I use about 200U every 3 days so I only put that much in my pump when I fill it up.  That way I can definitely tell when I need to change.  Plus, at the worst, I will only go over by the next morning if I forget on the 3rd day.  That is the easiest way I know to do it.  Otherwise I can NEVER remember.