Ketone build up with normal blood sugars

My doctors have been like zero help and so I needed some more advice. I was sick several weeks ago with a UTI that I had for quite a while I started feeling sicker about a month ago and had to go to the ER because I was vomiting, uncontrollable shaking, light headed and couldn’t stand or walk. They really didn’t do anything in the ER and sent me back to my GP who sent me to a GI doctor. Basically my symptoms since early December have been extreme nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, light headedness, weight loss, and stomach pain. My GI doctor did some lab test and a CT with contrast everything came back normal. I checked my ER charts and I had a abnormally high amount of ketones, so for the past week i’ve been checking my ketones once a day and they’re in the small category. I know if you have small or moderate that is not typically dangerous but I asked my sister who is also type 1 and she said since i’ve had them for a while that ketone build up could be causing these symptoms. I contacted my endo last week and they did more lab work and she said even though I have small amounts of ketones my blood sugars are normal so she doesn’t think this is the problem and told me to go back to my GP ( I feel like that may be a waste of time and money though). I´m not really sure what could be causing these symptoms other than ketone build up since every test they did came back normal and I don’t think theres any chance I’m pregnant so that wouldn’t be causing the symptoms either.

Hi @Autumn_Rose I’m more of a mechanic than a doctor but this is the way I understand ketones. Unless you have a kidney problem, ketones are eliminated with urine. Drink water and you should be ok.

Ketones are generated any time you are burning fat. This could be on purpose such as you are trying to lose weight, or it could be coincidental with illness. If you are running a calorie deficit you will make ketones and if you have enough insulin you will have ketones with normal blood sugar.

If you don’t have insulin in your system your blood sugar rises. Without insulin your muscles burn fat for energy. When this happens: large ketones with no insulin, that can cause DKA and that’s an emergency.

The fact that you have good blood sugar and are seeing ketones most likely means you are still making them. They should go away with higher intake of calories while maintaining blood sugar and staying hydrated.

Hope you feel better. Cheers and good luck :four_leaf_clover:


I’m so sorry you’re still sick. I’ve got nothing for you but encouragement to keep trying. You know something’s wrong. All the “normal” results mean is that they haven’t figured out what yet.

Get better soon, and keep us posted. We’re pulling for you!

Thank you so much for the support!