Ketone checking procedure

Does it make a difference in the results if you pee on the strip rather than into a cup and dipping it?

not from what i'm aware. it's like the pregnancy test(haha), you just gotta wait and get it mid-stream for best results if you're gonna do it that way!

when i was younger and we actually checked for ketones (i honestly think the last time i checked was in grade 8 or endo never tells us to check when we call him cuz i'm sick....i think i tossed out the bottle we've had since i was 6 in my move last year haha) i never peed into a cup to do it. sometimes we did it twice to double check the results though if we weren't sure which result we got.

Just go by what the package tells you.  I think the standard time is 15 seconds, though.  And I've always been told (as the diabetic, and now as a nurse) that it doesn't matter: cup or midstream.

I never used a cup. I would always do a midstream test, when I checked for ketones. There is something about going to the bathroom in a cup that bothers me. Cause than you have to throw the cup out, but if you don't empty the trash... Well never mind not wandering down that path.

I never use a cup, I just pee onto the stick. When I was first diagnosed, I got one of those bowl things that you stick under the toilet seat and pee into...but that always seemed weird, so I don't use it.

Our endo clinic gave us a blood ketone meter. We haven't used it yet (Thank goodness). But they said it can be easier (just another finger poke) and is more accurate than the urine ketone strips. (And more accurate being that the ketones can take a little while to show up in your urine, and the meter will more exactly tell you if you have small or large ketones vs. trying to color match the strip to the bottle.)

i find it doesn't but you may want to get a blood keytone meter. its a persision xtra and they come with keytone and blood sugar strips

If you have a blood ketone meter I would definitely recommend using it.  It is supposed to be much more accurate.  But as far as the stick thing goes I've rarely used a cup.