I'm pretty mad at my mom right now. She has neglected to get kenostix for over 3 years, and tonight i need them. I really don't need them often, but I have no access to anything to know if i have ketones or not. I feel like crap and i've been high since about noon today.

Sorry you feel like crap! I know the feeling, and it sucks. My only suggestion would be to go to your local drug store and buy them, because they are over the counter and don't cost very much. Try to make sure on your own that you always have a box in stock at your house, and if you dont, you need to personally go out and get them. I don't use mine all that often either, but it's nice to have on hand when needed. Good luck and I hope all is well!!

 kentone stick are important  to check if ya negative or postitve and mange  but i don't really use them unless my blood sugar is really  high   janna i get mad at my parents alot argue about foods soda espallially candy its like wtf i want a snickers bar and a charlestion chew and a herseys bar and i wanted to go to this nas concert and my parents fliped a shit mostly my mom  we both got a right to be mad by  way my names peter  nickname beat beats cause i like to dj im into old school music classic beats from dj j dilla

my mom allways gets it so we allways have it.

There is no reason not to have them on hand. They cost not even 5 bucks for a bottle at walmart. I buy them 2 at a time. One is open and the other is not but if we cant find one or it gets left at school I have a back up bottle. I would kick myself if I ran out of any of Ri's supplies and she needed them let alone just not getting some for 3 years!

Honestly, I haven't had ketosticks on hand at my house for like 6 years..I don't ever need to use them and they expire.  If I really needed them, I'd run to the 24 hour Walgreens up the street.  Plus, I can usually just tell if I have ketones (which is rare).  Whether I had them or not, I would still know that I needed to bring my blood sugar down and drink water.  I can understand how they would be important to have around if you're a parent of a T1 child though.


Like Molly I haven't used one in years(until last week when I was sick). We tested the first few years I was dx when i was high, but I've never had more than a "trace" of ketones, so we stopped testing and let the bottle expire(i discovered it when I was in grade 10, 6years past the expiry date...we'd been moving it with my supplies from house to house without noticing haha). Even last week when I was sick with the flu and high for a week straight, I was negative(not even a trace!) but my mom would've gone out and gotten them if I did.


Did you parents refuse to go get them for you (i believe that is considered neglect, even if you don't end up having ketones)? Are you able to go to the store yourself? If you feel you have ketones and need to check, you should. If your parents won't go get them, and you can't you have a friend or family member you can call and ask to? Like stated above, unless you need them covered by your insurance you don't need a prescription. Anyone can go up to the pharmacy desk and ask for a bottle.

This is probably something you should sit down and talk to your parents about. You should tell your parents that it's very important to you to have them so you can take care of yourself accordingly. I also don't use them that often, but when I do it is convenient to have them around, and if it's something important to you and something you feel could help you better control your diabetes, your parents should really respect that and help you out.

1. I agree with several of the people on here, if its important to you, sinc you and your mother at the age you are at need too both manage your diabetes, you should sit down and discuss items you need that are low or out. (when I was younger i found it easiest to actually just go grab them myself and throw them in her cart, lol)

2. Im going too have to agree with Molly, that I honestly havent had any Ketostrips in my posession for over 10 years! When all else fails, drink alot of water! If you have ketones, flush them out! If you dont...Hydration never killed anyone man! lol

The big problem is we live in the middle of nowhere with no 24 hour pharmacies and i have to get a perscription for ketone strips cause of insurance.

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The big problem is we live in the middle of nowhere with no 24 hour pharmacies and i have to get a perscription for ketone strips cause of insurance.


No you dont they sell them over the counter for 5 bucks at walmart. ok online they are a little more but in store I buy them for less. You can even order them online and have them shipped to you.