i started a kickboxing class tonight, which i will be taking part in every tuesday and thursday from 7-8pm.

i start my saline solution tomorrow, and will be going for an hour training session with my trainer right after...


i asked the teacher before i left the first class tonight if she had any preference since i don't really know what we'll be doing, if i disconnect it or keep it on. she told me to ask my doctor what they think and that she's had a girl have a problem after wearing hers. it reset or something and stopped working so she had to wait and get a new one. she's not sure what happened adn the girl wasn't in class that night so i couldn't.


what would you guys do? for the trial it would be no problem, but if i do go with a pump i donno! i'm gonna ask the rep tomorrow when we're talking about it but i thought i'd see what you guys do/would do.

I learned to kickbox. Just the basic punches, kicks, hooks. It was really fun. I took my pump off and checked my sugar often if I felt low. Hope you like it and have fun! lol

I did kickboxing for years and always disconnected pump.  You will get different answers and there are different strategies to handle it.  Basically, I disconnected for comfort purposes and kind of for psychological purposes- it felt good to just be FREE for an hour.

What I would do is:

tested right before class and based on my bloodsugar did several things=

I figured out that a rigorous class usually dropped my sugar about 75-100 points- now yours would be different based on how hard you exercise, age, weight, etc.....

So I would always test right before class and based upon my sliding scale and what my bloodsugar was before exercise would use different stategies like these. 

1) did nothing if my sugar was like 180 (your'e sliding scale would be different than mine) and always had glucose tabs handy next to my towel and water and might pop one halfway through the class

2) if it was really high like over 225 I might actually give myself a very very little amount of insulin like a third of the amount I would normally give to correct

3) and if  I was lower than like 150 I would pop a couple of glucose tablets before class.

These are just some general rules I had and of course subject to variations.  Because kickboxing can be so vigorous, disconnecting was ok for an hour.  But some athletes do not like to disconnect for exercise before later sometimes there can be a lag time of a high bloodsugar from not getting your basal amount.

Basically, it is something you just have to figure out with trial and error- but i was able to figure out a routine that worked pretty well maybe 85% of the time and then sometimes it just didn't work well- but that is how diabetes goes!!!

I rarely do kickboxing anymore because of joints, but do alot of spinning and I have a whole other strategy for that and keep my pump on because it is comfortable and not bothersome.

Have fun!  kickboxing is sooo much fun- most of the time I was able to forget I was even a diabetic because I was having so much fun and the intensity of it all.


I currently take kickboxing and like Laura reguarding blood sugars I do the same thing with taking my BG before class and do the same interventions actually that she does based on what the blood sugar is.

For any exercise generally i take it off, because I rather have it off and don't want to have to work about it tugging on something! As well as I tend to go low if I have my pump on, even if I use a temporary basal to give myself less. So not only does it make me feel free when working out, but it also prevents me from dropping low in the middle of class and not letting me finish my workout! You'll find out what will work best for you!

I agree with everything said above. I rarely wear my pump when doing serious exercise, as I would much rather run a little high for an hour than go low. Before working out, I like to make sure my BS is at least around 150, just to make sure I don't go low. If i feel funny at all, i sneak out to check my sugar (but that has rarely happened).


Have fun with kickboxing! It is my favorite class to take - I find it very fun and an awesome workout!

If you have a safe place to put it I would disconnect.  I've never been to a kickboxing class, if you spar there is a chance to have it damaged, if you stand close to others who are punching in place, there is a chance to have it damaged.  I always disconnect during exercise for fear of excessive lows.

i only ended up having the pump infusion set in for one session of kickboxing and i just took it off..but it was a saline trial so its not like it was doing anything for me anyways. i donno at this point if i'll have the pump approved and be using it before the classes end(tho i'll probably sign up for it again or a similar fitness class) so we'll see what happens. i guess i'll probably just end up putting it in a ziplock bag in my purse or something while i excerise. i wore it when i was doing a training session and as long as i kept it at the back of my pants, except for when i did sit ups it didnt bug me.

Because Kickboxing is a highly intense workout it would make the best sense to disconnect, if you were to go with the pump your doctor would probably recommend an exercise routine anyway, with lower basals pre-workout and during. With jumping and being more active in movement you could go either way, but you may want to consider just suspending and taking the pump off. With something like this your endo or trainer is probably the best person to question.

Hi Batts,

When I exercise, I always put a temp basal on my pump.  It'll probably take some trial and error to figure out how much less insulin you need when kickboxing since every activity is different.  I really like being able to keep my pump on while I'm active.  It's a better mimic of the body's "natural" approach to exercise to be able to simply drop your insulin needs while active.  Plus, I love not having to eat as much to compensate for exercise (compared to MDI).  I usually leave the temp basal on for a while after exercising too compensate for the "double dip" in blood sugar.  If you're worried about the pump getting kicked (or boxed) around, you can probably clip it to the inside of your shorts or something.  John Chick (of the Saskachewan Roughriders) apparently plays football with his pump on =)

Where are you kickboxing, by the way?  Sounds like a blast!


yeah i'm sure they will go over it all with me IF i get a pump ;)


@ laura - at the YMCA downtown. it's $65 for 14sessions if you have a membership! it's twice a week(tues/thurs) for an hour at a time. such an intense work out. i rarely ever leave a fitness class sweating, but this one has me soaked by the end!


I love spinning and would love to know your regimen for that!

haha, My brother does boxing.. does that count?? hes at the boxing ring right now. or whatever its called.. Ive seen it, and i hate the pace, I went with him b4 but never going again, to many creepy older guys without shirts , makes me feel akward haha

definatly take it off.

[quote user="Kat"]to many creepy older guys without shirts , makes me feel akward haha[/quote]

Um, Courtenay, you weren't telling Kat to "take it off" were you???  LOL    Sorry for the sick sense of humour; I'm in a really strange mood today!  LOL

There's always one in the crowd isn't there??

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There's always one in the crowd isn't there??


Ooh!  Pick me!  Pick me!  LOL  

Not that I myself am not guilty of that either.