Kid friendly ideas with 0 carbs

Hello! My soon to be step daughter is type1 and I am looking for some help. I have only known her for around a year so I’m still very new to all this. She is very sensitive it seems to all carbs and sugars even the natural ones. She is starting to get bored with the usual, meat, cheese, eggs, veggies. I am in desperate need of new ideas for snacks and school lunches. I saw lots of great ideas for at home, but I need completely “free” ideas for school, as it is much more difficult to control her BS while she is not home. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Here’s one we like that I don’t usually see: pickles. Olives are low-carb, also, but my daughter doesn’t like olives. (More for me! :slightly_smiling_face:)

Oh, and nuts, which I do see recommended often, but wasn’t on your list above. Seeds are great, too, if she’s in a place where she can toss the shells. Ooh, and popcorn!

But it’s definitely worth doing a search on the forum, if you haven’t yet. Type “low-carb snacks” into the search box at the top of the page, and tons of threads pop up. Here’s one, just as an example:

Good luck, and welcome — we’re looking forward to hearing what you find that she really likes!

I like mini cucumbers myself.

Pickles where not on the list, but yes we do those. I had no idea about popcorn! That’s a great idea, thank you! I’m such a dork I somehow didn’t even think of jello, I’ll get some today! They do cucumbers, but the mini ones may work better. Anything fun and cute is a win. Thank you both!

Rice/popcorn cakes (regular or mini) topped with anything she likes: cream cheese, peanut butter, a slice of cheese, salsa, guacamole…

Just discovered this today, and can’t believe I’ve never done it before: celery stuffed with egg salad. Fresh, fun, and delicious!