Kidney Disease

I just went last week for my check-up with my endo. It went great we discussed the omnipod and am hoping to be getting one soon. yeahhh!  I got my bloodwork back today and my a1c was 6.5 I am very happy with that also. My problem is that my doc included a presciption for Lisinopril with a note that said that my microalb/creat ratio was 74.9 and this would help prevent kidney disease. What ? now I am freaked out. Is anyone else on this drug for kidney disease and what should my Microal/creat ratio be?

One more question Lisinopril is a blood pressure lowering medication. right? my bP is always on the low side of normal. will this drug make my Bp drop even more?


I have the same situation as you.  My endo put me on ramipril, which I think is the same thing as lisinorpril.  I also have low blood pressure as a general rule so I was nervous about starting the med.  My doctor wrote out the prescription for the lowest dosage (I think .5 or .05 whatevers).  I have to tell you I was often lightheaded the first month I took it, especially if I was trying to stand up from a crouching position or if I bent over to pick something up off the ground.  I never felt like I was going to pass out or anything that bad, I just got that lightheaded feeling when I stood up.  I took a bottle of water with me wherever I went, which helped the lightheadness to stay very hydrated.  This side effect lasted about a month or so and since then (almost a year), I have had very little lightheadedness.  The good news is that my microalb/creat ratio came back into range, which is good!

Good luck on the Omnipod.  I started mine about a month ago, and I love it!!!