Kidney problems

Okay so for a while my urine levels for protein have been higher than normal. My doctor put me on 5mg of Lisinopril a day to help my kidney function. All the blood tests have been in the normal range, my last blood test was in July, my creatinine level was .80 (normal range is less than 1.10) and my GFR was >89 which is also in the normal range. But my blood sugars have not been the best since my last testing for kidneys. My a1c in September was 7.3 and my most recent one this month was 7.9. My doctor will not redo the kidney tests because she says its too soon since my last one was in July. My question is can kidney function go from normal to failure in a matter of months? I’m only worried because my urine protein levels were pretty high.

Lisinopril (or ACE inhibitors) have a side effect that protects kidneys, and from what I have read, the effect can happen as soon as you start taking the drug.

Are you worried about kidney failure between now and your next test? I would have to guess that you would be symptomatic and very sick, such as nausea, vomiting, a loss of appetite, weakness, increasing fatigue, itching, muscle cramps etc., which you should discuss with your doctor and see if it makes sense to you.

hope you are okay! I have been taking ace inhibitors for 15 years.

I know it’s scary when they start to see kidney issues. I was running in the 80’s for years apparently, but it took a new endo to let me know that <90 is actually Stage 2 kidney disease. So he has had me start restricting my sodium intake to <1500mg/day (it adds up fast!) and he bumped up my lisinopril from 5mg to 10mg.

My numbers took a little dip on my last labs, so I kind of panicked with my endo. He assured me that the progression is usually slow and that Stage 2 is still fairly good function, and that the eGFR number normally fluctuates somewhat. He also told me to stay really hydrated to improve my kidney function, at least 70 oz. per day.

Did they just do a spot urine test, or did they have you pee in a jug over 24 hours? Ask them to order that for you if you didn’t, because it gives a much better picture of your microalbuminuria excretion than just a one-shot test.

Yes, kidney disease should be a concern, but as both @joe and @anhivan said your creatinine levels can be controlled and lowered with an Ace Inhibitor.

In the early 1990s my creatinine levels were creeping up so the doctor started me in 2.5 mg of Altase and three months later my level was decreased 40% - for me, and we all are different, it worked quickly. For the past 10 years I have been taking 20 mg of Lisinopril which also keeps my BP at 120/60 - a great side-effect. During this period, my A1c was usually between 5.9 and 6.1 until two years ago when the endo told me he didn’t want my A1c below 6.5.

From what I’ve been told, kidney disease usually doesn’t hit suddenly, nut rather it occurs over a period of time.

but it took a new endo to let me know that <90 is actually Stage 2 kidney disease.

I am not sure that is actually stage 2. I spill protein as well, last was something like 140ish. I was old a different story that it is based off of multiple factors as in your kidneys malfunctioning in other areas also. So I am confused because what you said to me when I read on it sounds like stage 2.

About 12 years ago I had similar kidney problems to yours. My doctor put me on Lisinopril and I no longer had protein in my urine and kidneys have been healthy since. I went off the Lisinopril when pregnant, but have taken it otherwise with great results. The 5mg made me lightheaded (because my blood pressure wasn’t high) but I learned to take it at bedtime to avoid any problems.

Kidney disease is a very slow developing disease. I wouldn’t stress unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

As you age it is normal for the GFR to go down, having diabetes can cause lower GFR’s, and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

For me, mine have always hung out around the mid 60’s my medical team was not concerned even though my dad died of ESRD. (and he was not diabetic) My Nephrologist told me that most diabetics will develop some CKD within 10 years of Dx. I was DX at age 14, and only this past winter had urgent concerns as my GFR fell weekly from mid 60’s to 18, in three months. Just after Christmas, We were talking about dialysis, and biopsies. In a visit the first week of Jan, for some reason my GFR was back up to 48 and two weeks later it was back to 60. A recent test has it down to 50. NO medical reason why it went so low, OR WHY IT RESOLVED, so quickly. ALL of my other blood work was GREAT. Even my A1C was at the best it has been my whole life ! I have been on Lisinopril for a few years. I now see the Nephrologist every three months and my PCP does lab work in between, (My endo and neph. are at the same medical center, and are in a different state and takes over an hour drive to see them) {sometimes I’ll stay with family overnight for fasting blood work or other exams in the AM or just want to enjoy visiting the city I grew up in so I stay at a hotel and don’t tell anyone I am “in town”}

For now, my thinking is not to worry until one of my MD’s say it’s time to worry. I had to tell my kids about the CKD just after Christmas because of how serious the drop in my GFR was. Otherwise I would have not said anything until after my MD visit, but I was anxious about them getting a phone call, after the proposed biopsy. They all live in different states.

I am grateful I have a great team to work with. I trust them and depend on them, and they see me as a major part of this team.