Kids at school

so i was on the bus on the way to school hockey yesterday and some kids on my team were talking. they started talking about diabetic videogames they had played before (they aren't diabetic) and how there was one about having a diabetic dog and one that you won the faster that you killed the diabetic person.. they knew i was there and kept saying mean things about diabetes and my coach heard and made them stop talking, but i was already upset.

my coach is going to talk to them all and as she put it i "have something that none of them could even imagine having and i'm living with it and managing it well. they should support me and they obviuously aren't. if any of them had diabetes they wouldn't be able to play hockey because they are so irresponsible that they would never be able to manage it. but i'm doing just that and i'm a much better hockey player than any of them will ever be" (that's what she said.)

so just kinda venting.. not really but any advice on how to handle the situation?

Wow, that is horrible. I've never encountered something like this but I would probally just ignore them. People like that thrive on attention. 

That is really mean. when something similar happened to me i just blew it off. remember you can tolerate pain more, you are more stronger, you can stand for things more, and you will always be a better person than them. so what if they think having diabetes is funny. If they had it they wouldn't be talking. If i were you i would go up to them and asked them "how would you like it if i said i was playing a game called kill the (insert trate here) that should shut them up really quickly and if they persist i would take it to a higher authority. These kind of people are the worst kind and don't deserve you to think about them for one minute. you're better than them!

As far as I'm concerned, I never listen to anything a non-diabetic has to say about diabetes. Simply brush off the things they say.. people usually say mean things to get under the skin of the person they are talking to. If they can see that their words don't bother you, they will realize just how strong of a person you are! :)

One day they may encounter some adversity and reflect back upon the hate they portrayed towards you---what goes around-----.  I,m not sure what the age of these students are, but a parent call may be necessary.   I am a teacher and would probably have these children do some research on T1. 


Brush off these remarks.  You should be proud of yourself!!!!


Kim(mom to a T1)

Kids are insensitive. Being an insensitive teen at one point in my life I know it is the case. I am not defending them, but kids look  for a perceived weakness and pick on it. Overweight, to skinny, skin color, blemishes. It is to make them feel better more often than not. It saddens me now to hear about it. To realize how my actions when I was littler could hurt people. You are doing the right thing, by ignoring them. However if it continues you can always try talking and education. You can convince them they should try a day in the life of diabetic. That is something I found on the JDRF site. This gives people an impression of what we go through. It might work for them. If you can convince them to try it. Otherwise I suggest my classic go to of: Flaming bags of dookie.