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My 11 year old has been wearing the dexcom 5 for about 2 months. She prefers it on her butt, but we know it needs to get rotated. I think she’s still a bit shy about it (diagnosed 6 months ago). She’s VERY skinny so our educator told us no belly for now. She’s not thrilled about her arms. Any suggestions??


@kteach207 i am 14 years old and if she really wants it on her butt she can just rotate it by every time you change it use the other butt-cheek and go back and forth. I do that with my insulin pump. If she needs anyone to talk to so she knows that she is not alone you and private message me on here or my email is or direct message me on instagram at allison.hurt. So i am here to help you let me know what i can do to help. :wink:

-Allison :slight_smile:

Our 7-yr-old has been using one for 6 months now and we are still doing it on her bottom. She doesn’t mind with a rotation. I’ve also heard that you can use it for longer than 7 days by stopping and restarting the sensor. Our girl won’t tolerate it longer than 7 days, but an 11-year-old might tolerate it better.