Kids supporting kids

My daughter is 10 and was diagnosed last year and it will be coming up a year. It runs in the family. With covid we haven’t been able to network with other families through camps etc. It’s nice to have support from family but having kids her age to relate with would be awesome. Does anyone have any suggestions where to find resources to network with other families?

Hi, Julie, and welcome to TypeOne Nation! My daughter is 12 (diagnosed at 6) and has volunteered to chat before. If yours wants, just message me through this site. :slightly_smiling_face:


That would be wonderful! She would love to get in touch! Does she use kids messenger, skype, zoom? Could I find you on Facebook? Thank you so much!

She can use any of those things, and happy to put them in touch! I’ll PM you.

My god daughter created a little video where she answers questions it is pretty cute and might be helpful for her to see. Blog Post - Mixing Up Magic

You can find some families in the local Facebook groups.