Kony 2012

Has everybody heard about the kony 2012 program? April 20th (cover the night) i sonly 5 days away and i want as many people in on it as possible.. help stop kony guys! 

Whats it do? or abotu?

shoot,  sorry i didn't get back to you, i'm terrribblee at checking this, but it wasn't very succesful anyway, haha. kony is this guy in africa who's been abducting children and forcing them to be a part of his rebel army, it was sort of an act to make the government notice that we should help the african government cause they can't afford the proper tracking equipment to find him, it sounds real difficult, but i promise it's a good cause. in my opinion anywayy

Ok so there are 2 beliefs- 1) its a scam. 2)Kony is basically an African dictator in Uganda. He abducts kids and threatens to kill their parents if they don’t follow him- once they have weapons training, he sends them home to kill their family. It’s kinda like Hitler Youth all over again :frowning: a very sad thing and I hope he’s caught… I believe the second.

well, the thing about the "kony 2012" campaign is that it's being orchestrated by the NGO 'Invisible Children" which, unfortunately, is not the most reputable NGO out there.  Personally, I prefer not to support Invisible Children, since, in my opinion, there are a great deal of better, harder-working, multi-faceted non-profit NGOs that I can lend my support to, such as WarChild, PLAN, Water.org, MEtoWE etc.  

  THAT BEING SAID, I still do believe that it is very important to raise awareness about Joseph Kony, as he is a tyranical murder, and needs to be stopped.  however, the "informational" video put out by Invisible Children about Kony2012 has some misleading information, namely, Joseph Kony's current whereabouts; the video makes it sound as though Kony is still in Uganda, however, he and his "army" fled almost ten years ago to  the north and west, into  Sudan and the democratic republic of Congo, leaving them scattered and disorganised (though they do continue to kidnap children to fill their thinning ranks)    Another issue I have with  Invisible Children is that they support  heavy millitary involvement in  attempting to catch Kony. while this might seem like a good idea on the surface, it will inevitably lead to innocents being killed, which is the exact opposite of what we want...

oops, I kind of ended up writing a novel. sorry about that :P (and remember, some of this is just my personal opinion..)

i guess that we both have different thoughts and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but basically we agree that kony should be found, and thats basically the big point i want to get accrosssssssss.

we just learned about him the other day... he definatly needs to be caught asap! Thats bull crap. who would do thtat

sick, twisted people. haha.

he will get caught eventuallly, or die.. either way he'll be gone.

forreal. that's soo messed up