Kung Fu, not just for budhist monks any more

The story of kung fu goes like this; The budah was traveling through China's budhist temples, when he came across one that made him sick. All the monks were fat and lazy because the town would give the temple more food than they needed. The budah created kung fu as an exercise for the monks to do. As kung fu spread across China's budhist temples, different styles started to emerge. Some of those styles would be Praying Mantis, Tiger, Dragon, Jaguar, Crane, and many more. There are also branches of these styles, directional styles, then there are the elemental kung fu styles, those are basicly offensive, deffensive, passive, or repelant. I prefer northern praying mantis style, a repelant style, which means that you wait for the right moment to strike. Kung fu roughly translates to "hard work", which is what diabetes is, so this is the perfect exersize for any person that willing to do any thing to bring there blood sugar down.