Labor and delivery dvd recommendations?

Hi all,

Sorry this isn't diabetes related, but I still think you'd be the ones to ask. :)

My husband is deployed overseas right now, though he should be home for the birth, and I really don't want to take childbirth classes without him. I've done a little reading and I really like what the Bradley Method has to offer. Unfortunately though, I don't think they sell any DVDs. :( They probably want people to take the classes instead. I'd love to find a good labor and delivery DVD, focusing on natural childbirth, that I could watch and also send to my husband to watch. I know I have to be induced b/c of my diabetes, but otherwise I'd like to try delivering without an epidural. I have a really high pain tolerance and am super-stubborn, so I think I can do it. :) If I need pain meds though, I'm not against them...I am keeping an open mind. 

So, any good DVD recommendations??? I'm 27 weeks now and I'm pretty confident with managing my diabetes through it all, but childbirth still freaks me out a bit. :) I'm just praying that my hubby makes it home in time and that this lil girl's gonna be close. 

Thanks in advance!


That is a tough one.  It sounds like you are looking for a more educational delivery video than just a delivery video.  I don't know of any educational videos really.  My mom had this video called "The Miracle of Life" it would be pretty old now, but it was pretty good as far as labor goes.  I don't remember if it talks about breathing and such though.  

Honestly, we took classes with my first and when our son was on his way we didn't use any of it.  Your body kinda knows what to do, and your OB will walk and talk you thru when to push and breathing etc.  

As far as childbirth freaking you out a bit, this is round 2 for me and I am still freaked out a bit.  There is just no way to plan for it or to know what will happen.  I am a planner, so not knowing in advance how things are going to go really bothers me.  Kudos to you for wanting to go without an epidural- I hope it works out for you.  Also, hope that your hubby is able to home on time.  Thanks to him for his service and to you for supporting him in his service.  

Good luck!

Thanks, Rachel! :) I ended up finding a great dvd...Laugh and Learn About Childbirth. I really just wanted to know what to expect, no matter what the outcome of delivery may be, and it was very informative. And I sent it to my hubby to watch too. I can't wait for both him and our lil girl to be here!