Labs... & 2 more shows!

Ok, so I went to the endo last week.  All of my lab work came back great!  My A1c is a bit high, 7.2 and my endo wants me to bring it to 6, but other than that everything was pretty great.  No protein in my urine, cholesterol was 238 total, but my "good" cholesterol is so high that my endo is not worried about it.  Kidney and Liver function look good.... So yay!  Now I can get excited/motivated to really work on bringing that A1C down.  I would be really proud of myself if I could bring it down to 6!


I am still on tour with my band ( We just had to cancel our New Orleans show :(  We were not feeling comfortable with the venue and their professionalism...

We still have Orlando, tomorrow and Los Angeles on Friday, Nov 13th.    I am really excited about meeting some of you in L.A.!!!!


Hi Kate,

just stumbled upon's Sasha, from the meetup (Had allot of fun BTW, thanks for organizing).

Glad to hear your lab results were great, even after going on tour, which I'm sure makes the glucose control so much more difficult! I'm getting mine done in a couple of weeks, and I know I've had some high #.Oh well!

Sorry you had to cancel the New Orleans show.....but Orlando and then LA sounds exciting! I'm going to check out your band's website later when I get home. Good luck with the rest of the tour!

Thanks Sasha!  I am looking forward to another meetup!  It was really great to meet you, I am so glad you came... Are you staying in Austin for the holidays?

Yes, I'll be  in town for the holidays, what about you?

See you at the next meetup!