Ladies - I need your help!

Hate carrying all of your diabetes supplies when your traveling? Have no way to easily store it for easy access when traveling through security lines at the airport? Then here is a perfect time to share your input.

A few girlfriends and I are in the works of creating an online boutique with chic, girly medical accessories and products to help us take better care of ourselves while looking good and feeling confident doing so. For years I have struggled to find some sort of bag, pouch, or purse to keep all of my diabetes supplies in that was the right size, material, durability and most importantly, that didn't look really ugly!!

My mission is to create a line of accessories that WORK FOR WOMEN. Not only will they be fun and bright and cheerful, but these accessories will be built to hold meters, lancing devices, test strips, extra supplies, cold packs, and much more.

In order to get a better sense of what other people are looking for, I have created a short, simple survey to grasp some insight and I need your help! If you are a woman between the ages of 16 and 30 I would love for you to offer me any sort of advice, ideas, suggestions, questions in addition to taking my online survey.

Simply click the link below to contribute to what will (hopefully) soon turn into a wonderful product that will make our lives easier and a little more beautiful at the same time!


Here's the link:


Thanks again!