Ladies who have had any stage retinopathy prior to pregnancy

So in a prior post I had mentioned that my hubby and I are planning on trying for a baby at the end of the year but ran into some road blocks with Dr's and health issues. I found out I have stage 2 retinopathy. I also ran into an OB that was very skeptical about me getting pregnant. I decided to get a second opinion and I loved my new OB!! She ordered a urine protein test since I have the stage 2 retinopathy. The results came back and my kidney's are functioning normally!!! Yay! I am one step closer to making a baby! Now all I have to worry about is how to treat the retinopathy and lowering my A1C. Lowering my A1C, I know how to do. But the retinopathy part, I'm clueless! What have you ladies done? Can you elect to have surgery before getting pregnant? Can you have surgery during pregnancy? What do I do? Would you suggest me getting pregnant? Ahh! So much to think about!

I had surgery last summer on both of my eyes because I had some hemorrhaging.  I was not planning on getting pregnant, but this fall my husband and I found out that we are expecting (3 weeks left!) and I have had a good pregnancy.  I had to get my A1c under a 6 quickly but the baby and I are doing very well.  I had a very small hemorrhage in my right eye 3 weeks ago and went to my ophthalmologist and he said that post surgery small bleeds can happen, but as long as the blood reabsorbs within a few days it is fine.  He seems very confident that I will never have trouble with retinopathy again, so long as I maintain good glucose control.

Best of luck and I hope this helps!!!

Sooo when you were pregnant how many times did you go in to check...I think my eye may be is pretty splotchy

I have had background retinopathy for at least 12 years.  Its been very stable.  I have 17 days to go in thei pregnancy - my first and last - and I have been going to the retinologist every three months, with the orders to call if I have ANY change in my vision.   I just went yesterday and my eyes are still stable, no new hemorrhages, no macular edema, no nothing.  He said for me to schedule a follow-up about three months after our daughter is born.  If still stable, I got back to my annual visits with him.  

I would imagine that the more progressed ones retinopathy is, more frequent visits to the retinologist will be required.  I have friends that ended up having laser surgery during the pregnancies and are fine.