Lady suspended from gym in UK for having T1D

What do you guys think of this article?

A lady with type 1 diabetes from Kings Lynn has found she is no longer able to use her gym whilst the fitness centre determines whether she presents a health risk to either herself or others. Read more here

The gym seems wrong, but I’d also like to know the rest of the story. Something doesn’t add up.

Is her eating during exercise classes so excessive that she’s disruptive? Is she having dangerous lows in the middle of class?

I’ve lived with diabetes a long time and have never experienced any type of discrimination. I would like to know if the gym is as terrible as they seem or if the woman with diabetes isn’t being reasonable.

Unless she’s an aggressive person when she’s low, or has in the past gone low and injured herself and/or others I don’t see how they could legally do this.

I would also like to know more…I can’t see a gym using “she has diabetes” as a reason to ban her, there must be more to the store.