Lantus problems ughh

Hey everyone so I’m on lantus right now and usually I take it before bed and last night I dozed off early and slept till morning. I already took my lantus at 6 am but what is best to proceed? Should I take lantus before bed tonight and just go back to before bed or should I stay morning now, or should I gradually work back to nighttime? Thanks for reading. Kevin

I have done this before. I resolved it by taking my lantus again on schedule at night and it went just fine.

Try viewing it from a slightly different perspective. Which way do you feel it works out best for you? And more importantly, why?

Do you know why you are currently only taking one (yes?) shot of Lantus before sleep versus when you get up in the AM? Or versus splitting the dosage in half and taken 12 hours apart? Have you ever asked you doctor about that?

Not saying it should be one way or another, because I can’t say that. I’m asking if you think you might have a preference because it might appear to work better or worse for you one way versus another.


I would resume my regular dosing schedule that night, but set your alarm and wake up and test about halfway through to make sure you don’t go too low. Snack if you need to. I take Lantus twice a day, 8 am 8 pm. The reason that Lantus is generally given at night is because it takes 4-5 hours before it kicks in and it does peak, so you don’t want it peaking while you’re sleeping. But many doctors do a twice a day dose. Ask him why you are on a single daily dose. Author: “Diabetes! A Lifetime of Being Too Sweet.”

Thanks everyone

Here is a good chart for Insulin peaks Kimerese: