Lantus = tumors?

A friend emailed a study today that was preliminary, but suggested that Lantus *might* increase your risk of tumors. Rational me knows this is a preliminary study, but irrational me is thinking, "AHHHH! I have cancer! Must call the endo tomorrow and get off Lantus." lol.

Anyone else thinking of trying to change insulin because of this study or am I being ridiculous? Also, I've been told there's another long acting insulin out there like Lantus, but does anyone know what it's called and if it works the same?

I Sarah -  I posted the info yesterday - here's the link to it.    The FDA seems to be casting doubt on the issue but if you are worried about it, definitely call your endo and get his/her advice.  Just keep taking it until then.  :)

I brought that to my parents (I admit I didn't read it... I usually just forward those kinds of things on to them haha), and they said I'm not an old male with other medical complications. Darn. But so I guess, apparentley, I'm all good.

Sorry I missed your post!

No, don't be - I was a little worried about doing it b/c I didn't want people panic - the link was just an easy way of showing the info again plus it was way down in the forum page. :)  Good luck.

I read your first post. I like how the FDA thinks we are idiots... As if we would just stop taking our Lantus w/o something else to take!

Sorry, but I still feel nervous. I think it's just human nature. (:

Good point about not having people panic. I guess I always assume I'm panicking the most and everyone else will calm me down. lol.

I sent a mailnote to endo yesterday along with some other questions.  He didn't respond to that part.  I plan to send him another note to see what he knows.  I did have a deal earlier this year where I had some spots on my toungue.  Had a biopsy and it isn't cancerous but no one seems to know what it is.  Maybe this?  It's got me thinking ...

I'm glad you're ok! How scary.

You'll have to let us know what your endo says. My next appt isn't until Aug.