Largest amount of insulin

Just curious

Does anyones who has had normal blood levels when the went to bed find them rising in the morning. Also, what is the largest dose of insulin you have ever taken at one time. 

Yes, there's a name for it - dawn phenomenon.

I experienced it until I went on the pump.  Now I'm able to control the nighttime highs by adjusting how much insulin I'm getting during those early morning hours.

If you're on the pump, take a look at your stats and try to figure out what hour of the night that your BGs start to rise, and then just adjust accordingly.  Mine usually rises in the 2am-6am hours.  So at 6am I lower my basal rate back down.

The dawn phenomenon has been explained already so I'll take a stab at the largest bolus ever...I'm assuming you mean at one time, and it was about 32 ratio is 1:10 and I was eating something that I had been craving and intended to eat a lot of :)

Holy moly!  32 units of fast acting?!  I think my limit was probably 8 or 9, at most.  Just out of curiosity Pat, what were you craving and how much of it did you eat?

It was either a very large bag of chicken nuggets, or an 18" meat lovers pizza. I can't remember. But yeah I've given a 30+ Unit bolus a couple of times, but that's the one I can remember doing it for. Tailgating for Ravens games I'll also load up. Freakin all you can eat and all you can drink for 4 hours! I'm so amazed that I'm not a blob :)

my largest bolus was probably around 25 units, when i was on 1:8.

now i'm on 1:18, and my largest has been 7.55. i love my pump!

dawn phenonamonewhriuleha (idk how 2 spell :P) and the largest amount of insulin: 19.2

Pre Vegan the largest amount of insulin at one time was 20 units

Since becoming vegan 7 units.

I think it was 12. 

Mine is 17.2 units.  A correction and 1 lb of spaghetti. 


30 plus - what was on that meat lovers pizza - a whole cow lol  

Keith... my blodd sugar always rises in the morning. and the largest amout for like my novolog would prolly be 28 and lantus would be 56

Hi Kristen

Great article - really helped me. Glad it hear that the pump does a good job of management of these morning highs. 

Hi Amber

58 for lantus - I think you have the record lol

[quote user="Keith"]Also, what is the largest dose of insulin you have ever taken at one time. [/quote]

Back around 1950, before there were any insulin pumps, I was using one shot of long acting insulin (either Globin or NPH) per day and a 2 cc U-80 glass syringe, and I was taking more than 80 units (that's why I was using a 2 cc syringe). My age then was about 17, and my insulin requirement had gone up because of puberty. Currently my TDD is between 35 and 40 units/day.

It's probably not fair to present these numbers in today's competition, but I thought some of you might be interested.


 Yes yes, and yes. All the time! I guess it is not just me!! :) I think mine was 11 units.

20 units of Humalog...  I guess I'm a lightweight compared to some of you!  :D

35u of humalog. i can't remember what i ate now, but i remember it being carb-laden and delicious.

Blood sugar rises in the morning because in order to wake up, I think hormones are released that make you require more insulin or counteract the insulin or something.  It's happened to me a lot, too.

Largest bolus was probably 13 units.  I think I was high and was also eating dinner or some other meal.

Ugh... my blood sugar levels always are high in the morning.  I've gone to bed at 86 and woken up at over 200.  I can't wait until I get on a pump so then I can get these morning highs under better control.  As to the largest amount of insulin I've ever taken was probably 18 units of novolog.