Laser Glucose Testing?

So I am a little bored at work and came across this link...has some interesting diabetes and science-y stuff.

Technology is cool ! (New Window)

I read a whole lot of "doubters" on the blog directly below the article and must say...

Having had diabetes since the "pee in a cup days" where the sugar was measured from 12 hour prior spill over into the urine and also I was a guinnea pig for a very early test on the insulin pump when it had trouble being wheeled into a hospital room, I am ALWAYS excited to see new thinking on technology.  It may never come to fruition, but if new ideas aren't tested and imagined, than it most certainly will never exist.

We recently went to a conference with DRI (Diabetes Research institute) and I was completely enthralled by the doctors who presented their work.  They had 3 different efforts (implants, genes, auto-immune or something like that.)  They said they earlier thought that one of these three efforts would produce the cure they are searching for, but recently came to a combined effort that will use all three efforts to find a single cure.

They claimed that they have been able to cure diabetes in mice and it lasts up to seven years.  Now don't quote me as I am going from memory and we all know how the chinese whisper works.  But, when I left that conference, I was completely blown away.

Rock on free thinkers!

Similar story in the Wall Street Journal the other day.




Aw man!!!  I'd love to be able to check my sugars like scanning my groceries!  LOL!  I can't wait!  How fun would that be, to just run your finger through a scanner?!  I'm sure it'd be as much fun as my scanner app on my phone!  I like to scan EVERYTHING with a barcode on that thing!  HAHAHA!  I'm silly, don't mind me...I'm just babbling.  ;oP