Laser hair removal

I got denied for laser hair removal because I'm diabetic.  Anyone else have this problem or that has acutally gotten it done?

I have never heard of that before. Why would they deny you for laser hair removal that seems so odd? It has nothing to do with your diabetes.

That's weird.  Could you get a doctor's note saying it's okay?

I've not had laser hair removal but should!  

They told me its because diabetics dont have the best feeling and wouldnt know right away if theyre getting burned. And also were more likely to get an infection.

A dr's note is a great idea. Im gonna try that. Thank you.

Diminished sensation is only true for badly controlled diabetics.  I've had diabetes 35 years and can still feel every tiny lego my son leaves on the living room floor. =)

Yes I heard about it. For few peoples, laser hair removal cannot be considered as safe, especially for:

-Pregnant ladies
-Diabetic patients-
-One who has tattoo on his body part
-anyone who may have red, blonde, or gray hair completely.

As you said you are a diabetic patient then you are not eligible for laser hair removal if you are insulin-dependent. As, Insulin-dependent diabetic patients are much more susceptible to infection, meaning that they cannot risk a potential reaction in laser hair removal. For the most part, laser hair removal is quite safe without any side effects. However, there is no way to guarantee how a body will react, and there is potential for swelling, blisters, or infection. If an insulin-dependent diabetic has an infection reaction from laser hair removal, it may be very difficult and dangerous for them in getting the wound to heal completely.

Have a view to this safety guidelines too, for laser hair removal. This may clear your thoughts much more.

Hope my advice helps you.