So I am considering Lasik I surgery...does anyone have any experience getting this done?  Thanks.

I have not had it done but would love to.  I looked into it about 5 years ago but when I called different offices they all said that I couldn't do it because of being diabetic.  Have you been told that you could?  Hopefully with advances in technology they allow diabetics to do it.

There's a girl I went to diabetic summer camp with when I was younger who recently posted on FB she had Lasik done. No ideas about the details -- I'm not actually in touch with her now -- but I know she's had T1 since age 5 or 6 b/c we went to camp together for years...

It's pretty expensive like 3,000 but they said that being a Type 1 would just mean that I may heal slower and I might need to take prescription eye drops for a while.  She said that if my diabetes go really out of control, that could also affect my vision.

Well at least I know that other diabetics have had it done...I am just nervous about the healing process and if it would mess up my vision for the future???

I would ask your ophthalmologist what they think, and ask for references if they have them. My ophthalmologist has given me several good recommendations over the years and I trust his judgement. 


That sounds way to simple (easy) LOL, that is a good idea.  Have you got Lasik done?


I have not had Lasik performed. My eye doctor has done several laser procedures and a full vitrectomy (sic?) in each eye for diabetic retinopathy

I have never asked and do not believe I am a good candidate for Lasik as I have had the laser and eye procedures in the last 3 years. I already have some reduced night vision and light sensitivity from the various procedures. 

I have not had Lasik done but I had such bad cataracts that I had that procedure done.  The cataracts are gone, but I am unhappy with the lenses he gave me and now  I have really really dry eyes (drops of Muro 128 am & pm).  My brother had Lasik (T1 for 40 yrs).  He had a very very bad experience and will not have the other eye done unless he is blind.  The problem might not have resulted from his diabetes but from his severe nearsightedness and astigmatism.


Well that sucks (the laser procedures for you), I too exprience bad night vision.  You have had diabetes for about ten more years than I have...


Wow.  I am near sighted and have astigmatism as well.  How long ago did he have the procedure?

It might have been in 07

I've been diabetic for 56 years.  You don't look old enough to have had it 45 years. 

My sister actually had lasik done a few years ago.  She was near sighted and had astigmatism also.  From what I remember she was in quite a bit of pain after the surgery.  I remember her coming home from it and being in a lot of pain.  I think it took a week or two for her to recover and she ended up with 20/20 vision.  Its been a few years since the surgery and she's had no complications or problems.


I have had diabetes for 20 years :) I was telling Jonathan that He has had it 10 more years than me...


That's good to know, I heard that diabetics can heal slower from it but I really need to have my vision corrected.  Contacts dry my eyes no matter what kind they are and glasses hurt and give me headaches...  I hope I can afford it and get it done :)  Thanks for the encouragement.


I wear glasses and use to get headaches until I got the Anti-Reflective (AR) coating to help with glare on computers, TV, and driving. It has eliminated my headaches while wearing glasses. I would highly recommend to anyone that they try the AR coating, and also the Transitions lenses for glasses.