Late Lantus! Need Advice For Tonight

Hey guys, so I usually take my lantus at midnight, and i was sick last night and slept right past it until 5 this morning! How I did that to myself it’s beyond me. Well anyways I woke up realizing what I had done, and took my lantus by 515. Am I able to jump back to midnight tonight or do I really have to go 415, 315, 215 and so on. Thanks for your advice and thanks for reading. Kevin.

I would just do it at midnight and take a few carbs with it to cover the overlap.

I have no idea how sensitive you are (more insulin sensitivity the more dangerous this might be), if you have good hypo awareness (if you can tell you are hypo and wake up at night), etc. so the safer answer is to move it back a little at a time. if you are uncertain, or uncomfortable, call your endo or CDE. good luck.

I would agree, go back to your midnight dose and eat a small fatty snack, maybe set an alarm to check yourself every 2 hours until 6am just to be safe. Being sick sucks!

Thanks for the advice guys I appreciate it.

I’ve done this a few times in the past 20+ years. I’ve tried doing a slight reduction the next night but still take the shot at my regular time.

I’m very sensitive, so I guess I take more care than others have to. That happened to me a couple times. What I did was walk it back to the usual time, moving it by 2 hours each day. Try any more overlap than that and I would go terribly low over night. Also, I guess this is water under the bridge now, but when discovering the missed lantus at 5am, I would give a few hours worth of basal (like, maybe daily lantus dose divided by 8) as short-acting insulin, in addition to the usual correction and the lantus shot, to account for the five hours of missed basal. Otherwise you’d be up for hours repeatedly correcting to get back in range.