Late night lows

so last night i woke up at 3:09am with a low blood sugar, i wanted to know if im the only one who wakes up when their having a low, or if there's a chance i could see  right through it.

You are fortunate that you woke up.

Midnight to 3am is usually when blood sugars are lowest.  If you have a pump, adjust your basal rate down between 10pm - 3am.

If you're doing shots, may need to eat a bedtime snack with protein (ie cheese & crackers or peanut butter toast).  On shots it's also smart to take less than your normal correction dose if your blood sugar is high before bed.

For a few days you probably need to wake up around 2am and test your blood sugar.  If you have one low that wakes you up you might be sleeping through others.  Especially true if you sometimes wake up with bad headaches or unexpectedly high blood sugar... that can be a sign you're having an overnight low and your liver is dumping glucose to bring blood sugar back up.  

This is really dangerous, so do your best to prevent the lows.

This has happened more than once, at different times during the night.. Am I just lucky?

And I don't need to adjust my inculin, it happens every once in a while, but ever time I wake up.. I wanted to know if it was normal..


Over the years I've talked to a fair number of other T1's who all wake up - kinda' annoys me because i ALWAYS sleep through mine - these days - if it happens (rare) - turns me into my wife's sweating - seizing alarm clock - no fun.  Anyhow - it's normal to wake up - it is also normal to sleep through them - it is much safer that you are waking up but because these can be dangerous events, I'm with jennagrant on taking the time to do the research to pinpoint the cause and keep yourself as safe as is possible.  

The good news is you are as normal as the rest of us (come to think of it... that may also be the bad news... ;) )



You need to train yourself to wake up.  Seriously, T1 diabetics die because of this quite a bit.

I know it sounds weird but when I first became diabetic, I would have a talk inside my head between my brain and body before I went to bed.

Basically it went like this, "Wake me up if my blood sugar is going low. Don't let me sleep if my blood sugar is low".  It's kinda like self hypnosis.

It worked thankfully.  Now my heart races whenever my blood sugar is low when I'm asleep and my body wakes me up.

I wake up all the time. I think it's normal, its just your body telling you your low. I like it. Just don't ignore it cause i've done that 2 now and ive woke up and had seizures.

I too wake up, can't even imagine sleeping through a low. Never tried. The fond memories of the frantic fridge raid, It's bad enough when it's the middle of the night, barely awake, and then to have the shakes, or barely any awareness to boot. My wife ussual says "Why didn't you get me up?"

I have had problems with lows during the night. Most of the time, I wake up, but there have been times that I didn’t and I had a seizure. I got a CGM about 6 months ago and that has been helping. But, sometimes the lows don’t make sense. Last night, I was good before bed (130ish) and had my normal dose of N. I woke up low twice during the night and had 3 glucose tablets each time (12g of carbs). I was 80 when I got up in the morning. This doesn’t happen every night, so I don’t think my insulin dose is wrong, but I can’t explain it.

my son who's now 6 will wake up and come in to our room and say his head hurts so we'll test him and he'll be low, thankfully its not to often but when it does his body wakes him up or we'd have a lot of sleepless nights

You, and I are very lucky in the fact that we do wake up Hailey. You are not the only one. I cannot state on if this would be considered normal. But since you do wake up, it will be considered normal in your house, as it is in mine.