Latest updates on what Minimed's working on

I knew I was wondering what/when the latest Minimed pump updates would be, and I got some info so I thought you guys would be interested too:

I saw our local Minimed rep a while back and he showed me a CD presentation with all the future things they're working on.  He said a Paradigm 523/723 should be out within 12 months, and the only difference he really pointed out was the low sensors shutting off the pump, and a more streamlined sensor calibration.  He said don't expect any revolutionary changes.

Within 2 years though they're planning to stop producing the Paradigm and release a new pump under a different name, which will have a portrait orientantion rather than the current landscape horizontal orientation, sort of like the Deltec Cozmo had.  It will have a color screen and the menus will receive an update akin to the change from the 508 to the Paradigms.  There were pics of what it's supposed to look like--it looked a lot prettier than the Paradigm--but it could look completely different by the time it comes out.

They're also working on a tubeless pump.  They don't see tubeless pumps as the future because the limited amount of insulin they hold.  They see the future of pump therapy sales being primarily for type 2's so they need something that holds more insulin.  Their version is supposed to be 30% smaller than the Omnipod pod.  Working with the FDA to see if they can use more concentrated insulin to use less space.  The tubeless pump will come with a touchscreen PDA like the iPhone.  I don't when it's supposed to come out.

One minor thing they're working on is CGM/Pump integration with cars...I think through bluetooth.  The diagram they had mocked up showed a car speaking to or showing the driver that their blood sugar was going down and to consider snacking or stopping.

Also they've developed an all-in-one infusion set/CGM sensor called "The Swan", it's in clinical trials right now, and we should see it within 2 years.


That's all I remember, but it was definitely exciting to hear.  I'll be waiting for that new line of tubed pumps before I choose to upgrade.  And I'm still rockin' the Minimed 508.  :)

a coloured screen! that was a setback for me against animas! and a cgm sensor and infusion set in one? awesome! the cgm thing isnt the safest thing, my clothes get caught under the transmiter sometimes.

i forget their upgrade program. is it if you have a pump and they come out with a new one, you pay a certain amount(500$?) and then they sendd you the new one? and will the cgm/infusion set work with the current pump?